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Guridy Book Challenge Project English 9

Sources and EasyBib how-to

NOVEL PROJECT: Checkpoint November 6th (should be finished with your novels)

Written Summary and Display Due November 16th

Part 1: Written Summary

A summary that has the following headings/topics. Each heading should have at least 1-3 paragraphs written based on the subtopics provided.



--Character Introductions

--Plot Introduction

-Rising Action

--Internal Conflicts

--External Conflicts


--(can be more than one) Most intense parts of the main conflicts

-Falling Action

--How are the conflicts resolved?


--How did the story end? How did things turn out for the characters involved?

Part 2: Banned/Challenged Novel Informational Display- You will create a written display that provides the banned/challenged information and debates whether or not you think your novel should be banned or challenged.  

Visual Display Options:


Portion/Section of a magazine


PowerPoint/Prezi (do you have computer access at home to complete this on time)

If you would like to do a different display, let me know and I may approve it.

All Displays must have the following research/information:

  • Publication of the novel

  • A background on who challenged or banned the novel

  • Reasons why the novel was challenged or banned

  • Examples of 4 quotes or passages that reveal why this novel may have been banned/challenged

  • 4 Quotes from online reviews of the novel (try to get both sides: negative AND positive reviews)

  • Your own review of the novel

  • Your ruling on whether or not the novel should be banned from a certain age group, population, or place (support your ruling with solid reasoning, research, and convincing ideas).

  • Visuals: pictures, drawings, symbols that show images that represent the novel characters/content

  • Works Cited page: a list of all resources you used in MLA format (look at your example)