Welcome to the Heskett Middle School Counseling Department!


Daniel J . Brinson II                                                                                                     Laura Hogue
7th Grade Counselor                                                                                                    8th Grade Counselor
(440)439-4473                                                                                                             (440) 786-3335
 Dbrinson@Bedford.K12.OH.US                                                                                Lhogue@Bedford.K12.OH.US                                             

Anonymously report bullying here: http://tinyurl.com/BullyingReport

Heskett Middle School counselors are available to assist with questions regarding class scheduling, career choices, social problems, and crisis situations. School counselors provide opportunities for students to meet individually or in groups to discuss feelings, attitudes, goals, and problems in a confidential and supportive environment.

School counselors confer with parents/guardians and teachers regarding the academic progress of students. School counselors provide materials and help students and their families learn about scheduling, standardized testing, careers and the transitions between leaving elementary school and coming to middle school, as well as the transition between Heskett Middle School and Bedford High School. 


Bedford City Schools Counseling Vision Statement 

The vision of the Bedford City School District school counseling program is that all students are collaborative, productive citizens whose compassion, strength and integrity motivate them to positively impact the world. All students are lifelong learning, problem solving, critical thinking, self advocating, change agents.

Bedford City Schools Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Bedford City Schools comprehensive counseling program is to empower and support all students in their academic, career and social-emotional development in a safe and nurturing environment. We deliver a data-driven developmental program, advocate for our students, collaborate with stakeholders, & provide equitable access to resources in preparation for lifelong success.