WELCOME to our new & evolving Lane Library/Maker-Space (LMS)! The new name represents a shift from the traditional "Library" role. Students will participate in learning new ways to think, create, share and grow. The main focus will be on the PROCESS, with less emphasis on the PRODUCT. By learning to think critically and solve problems as we create things, the lessons can apply to aspects of life outside of school.

STREAM: What is STREAM? You have probably all heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). STEAM adds Art, and STREAM also includes READING! Weekly lessons will likely begin with a book (what a novel idea!), discussion, and a challenge to apply what was learned and create a product. The process will include research, collaboration, ideation, and creation. 

PROCESS: The process of creating and problem solving will run in all forms...from low-tech DIY to high tech programming and coding. And everywhere in between. The idea is to learn via tinkering and creative play. Exciting times for students!