Davis & Lane School Specialists

Hello and Welcome to our website!

This website is designed to support you in supporting your children. We understand and acknowledge the important role that you provide as caregivers for our students and feel as though learning does not stop when our students walk out of our buildings. We hope you find support with this blog and as always, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Who We Are....

We are Bedford's elementary school guidance and adjustment counselors, occupational therapists, and behaviorist. We work together to support the social, emotional, academic, sensory, and behavioral needs of your students. We also work together to help your students develop executive functioning skills such as organizing and output (e.g. writing down what the students have learned) as well as study skills, self-regulation, and positive self-talk.

Paula Francis-Springer, Davis School Guidance Counselor

Fay Burgess-Backert, Davis School Occupational Therapist

Jessica Smith, Lane School Guidance Counselor

Kristen Lerra, Lane School Adjustment Counselor

Elizabeth Larrabee, Lane School Occupational Therapist

Tiffany Cook Rego, Davis & Lane School Behaviorist