Beckman Catholic High School
March for Life 2019
Wed, Jan. 16 - Sun, Jan. 20  

Sweatshirt order form - due same time

Pro-Life Events Reflection - due Nov. 1 (File-> Make a Copy-> Share with rbroxson to submit)

NEW!!! DCRTL is now accepting online payments, so all trip costs will be paid electronically when you complete your application. If it works for you, please go ahead and make your full $400 payment + short order at the time of your application. You may also make a $150 down payment and pay the remaining $250 by Nov 30. Any fundraising will be reimbursed to at the January pre-trip meeting. If you have questions or concerns, please get in touch. ethomason@beckman.pvt.k12.ia.us

 September 15 Student application due, sweatshirt order form/payment, $150 down payment
 October 5     Chaperone application + $150 down payment
 October 10 Essays due – 8th in Writing class; HS on your own (see requirements attached below)
November 1 Pro-Life events reflection (GoogleDocs) shared with bus captain
 November 30     Final payment ($250 per person)

BECKMAN PRO-LIFE CLUB ACTIVITIES - 2nd Wednesday of the month! 
We encourage students and parents to attend together.  We hope to deepen our awareness and respect for all life.  
Wed, August 29   March for Life 2018 Info Meeting - BCHS Library/6:30 p.m. Parents encouraged to attend.
Wed, September 12BCHS Aud/6:30 p.m. - Pro-Life speaker - Ashley Stackis will discuss her pro-life experiences and how she has stayed active in the pro-life movement. She will also explain some of the history and current life issues in our country. This will be perfect for 8th graders to gain a solid foundation regarding Respect for Life and this year's March for Life.
Sat, Oct 6 - Sun, Oct 7    Lifesaver Weekend - wear red to Mass and sign up to distribute lifesavers
Sun, October 7   Life Chain - BCHS parking lot/2-3 p.m.
Wed, October 10 Life Activity TBD - Baby Supply Drive - planning, making posters, etc.
Wed, November 7Library/6:30 p.m. - BCHS library/6:30 p.m.
Wed, January 9BCHS Aud/6:30 p.m. Itinerary Meeting for all pilgrimage participants
Jan. 16    M4L Departure Mass - BCHS Aud/4 p.m. - family and friends welcome
Jan. 16-20, 2019Life Mass & March for Life - Washington, D.C.
TBDBCHS Library/6:30 p.m. - Dub. Co. Right to Life Meeting - Share pilgrimage experiences

Check out the Dubuque County Right to Life events page for additional pro-life opportunities!


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