Sexton Mountain Oregon Battle of the Books 2020

Welcome to OBOB at Sexton Mountain! Use this site to learn more about the sixteen books, find sample questions, and start studying. This year's OBOB titles are all listed to the left. Click on any link to get started, or check out some tips and tricks from the experts (previous OBOBers give their advice!):

Here are some important milestones for this year:
  • Team registration -- 10/28/19
    Gather a group of friends to be on your team, or have Ms. Kimball help you find a team. Teams usually have four members but can have up to five with an alternate. Here is a link for parents to give their permission
  • Divide up your books 
    Click here to get a chart to help you fairly distribute book titles among your team. Make sure everyone gets a chance to read what they want.
  • Study groups and mock battles at the Beaverton City Library
    Study groups: Starting in September, the Beaverton City Library OBOB book club meets twice a month - at both the main Beaverton City Library and the Beaverton City Library @ Murray Scholls. Attend individually or as a team to talk books with other OBOBers. Registration is required, so be sure to contact the library to reserve your spot!
             Mock Battles: The main Beaverton City Library hosts mock battles during Winter Break. Work as a                 team to battle other schools just like you will do in regional battles. 
  • Pre-screen -- January
    Teams work together to answer 16 OBOB questions in a written format. These results help set the OBOB brackets.
  • Mock Battles -- January
    As a team, sign up to participate in a pretend battle. This gives you a chance to see what real battles are like .All are welcome to watch and learn what battle play is all about. 
  • Battles -- February
    Teams compete in grade-level, round-robin battles during specials. Each team tries to score as many points as possible across two battles. 
    • 5th Grade: TBD 
    • 4th Grade: TBD 
    • 3rd Grade: TBD
  • Second round battle: TBD
    The top scoring team from each grade – along with the next five overall highest scoring teams from the first round – enter a single-elimination bracket. Battles occur during recess/lunch. 

  • Final battle -- TBD
    Join us in the cafeteria for the final battle between the top teams. Come cheer on these students and celebrate the end of the OBOB season. 
    • Regionals -- TBD
      Sexton Mountain's winning team will participate in Regionals. 
    Wonder how to pronounce an author's last name?
    Check this handy guide

    LOOKING for more study questions? 
    Check out these resources as they are released. 

    Wondering when your next battle is? 
    Check out the schedule on the Book Room windows. 

    Cover images and summaries from Follett Titlewave, GoodReads, and/or Amazon.