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ABCs (Starfall)Big Bird Gets a Letter


ABC Book Game (Lower Case)Clifford 1Thanksgiving Puzzle
ABC Fishing GameDr. Seuss2Thanksgiving Bounce
ABC Fire GameI'm Reading!3Thanksgiving Differences
ABC GulpLearn to Read4Thanksgiving Coloring
ABC Match GameLiteracy Center5Online Thanksgiving Games
ABC Snowflake GameMighty Books  
ABC Spring Bee GameOnline Storytellers - BookPALS  
Alphabet MatchReggie's Rhyming Places  
Animal AlphabetRhyming Vowel Sounds  
Dositey Alphabet MatchSeussville  
Find the LetterWhat's the Word?  
Grover's Hidden AlphabetWord Drop Sentences  
Haunted Alphabet   
Leo Lobster - Capital&Lower Case  
Learn ABCs General:
Missing Alphabet LettersShapes:Dora's Candy Land Game
Zoo Animals Alphabet MatchColor the ShapesBear Country Pairs Match Game
 Learning ShapesBen's Guide to the Government
 Learning Shapes and ColorsBob the Builder
Math:Shapes - StorytimeBuild Your Own Scarecrow
AAA MathShapes - Load the TruckDora's First Day of School
Adding Bricks - Simple AdditionShapes and Colors TrainDecorate a Pumpkin
Bugabaloo AdditionShape SorterDress Elmo for Fall
Connect the Dots Enchanted Learning
Count to 10Spelling:Funbrain - Kindergarten
Count the Kids on the Bus - Up to 10Bob the Builder - SpellingFunschool
Count to 100Missing VowelsGame Goo
Counting Objects (Simple)See and SpellGamequarium
Counting 11-30 Learning Colors
Counting Coins Learning Planet
Counting Objects - Making Graphs Little Animals Activity
Counting Using Ten FramesAnimal Life Cycles:Monkey See Monkey Do
Dive for Treasure (Greater Than)All About AnimalsPBS Kids
Find the NumberAmazing InsectsPenguin Party Story
Fishy CountAnimal GroupsPenguin Story
Hidden NumbersAnimal Ocean GamePenguin Dress Up
IXL Math for KindergartenAnimal Ocean MoviePenguin Bounce Game
Ladybug AdditionAnimal Ocean - Count the Ocean AnimalsPenguin Photo Slideshow
Longer and ShorterAnimal Ocean - Create Your Own OceanPlayhouse Disney
Penny Prize - Greater and LessAnimal PagesPlay with Clay
Save the Apples!Animal Pages - Life CyclesSand Art
Seahorse CountingAnimal PlanetScott Foresman Online Social Studies
Seashell Search - Simple AdditionAnimal Sound MatchSeasons
Simple Subtraction - Busy BeesAnimals - Meet the Animals at the ZooSesame Street
Spooky: 1's  2's   5's  10'sArctic WildlifeWiltiky
Backwards:  1's  2's   10'sBarnyard MatchupZoe's Silly Seasons
Teach Me 1, 2, 3sBuild Your Own AnimalsZooBooks
Test the ToadCrunch, Nibble, Gulp 
Tic-Tac-Toe MathKentucky Critter FilesColors:
Walking the Dogs4-H Virtual FarmKindergarten Color Game
Farm Addition (drag the number down)Hatching Baby ChickFind colors and Shapes
 Hatching Chick VideosPainting with Colors
 Kids Planet 
 LadybugsTelling Time:
 Ladybugs - Enchanted LearningTelling Time
Counting Money:Ladybug FunTelling Time with Dragon
Buy It Money GameLadybug Mazes (use your arrow keys)What Time Is It?
Counting CoinsLet's Talk About Insects 
Counting MoneyNational Geographic AnimalsReference:
Counting Money - HolidaysNatureworks - Animals

Username:  rocklin   Password:  library

Spending SpreeMake Your Own Tidepool
 Ocean VideosValley View AR Quiz List
 Plant and Animal Life CyclesValley View Library Catalog
Community Helpers:Pups's Supper Story 
People in your NeighborhoodSan Diego ZooClean Up The Beach
Scholastic Community HelpersWhere's the Animal 1 Clean Up Your World
 Where's the Animal 2 
 Yahooligans Animal Info 
 Yahooligans Animal Lists 
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First Grade

AAA MathenVision Math Games 
Academic Skill Builder MathenVision Math:  Fearless Flying (Measuring)Thanksgiving Puzzle
Adding Bricks - Simple AdditionenVision Math:  Hamster Hotel (Counting)Thanksgiving Bounce
Fact Families (Addition and Subtraction)enVision Math: Cuckoo (Symmetry)Thanksgiving Differences
Flight 4 Fuel - AdditionMath Videos - Math PlaygroundThanksgiving Coloring
Funbrain - First GradeIXL Math for 1st GradeTurkey Swap
Hidden Fish Pictures - Addition Thanksgiving Coloring (Funschool)
Hidden Picture AdditionPatterns:Turkey on a Tractor
Ladybug AdditionPattern #1 - What Shape Comes Next? 
Math BaseballComplete the Pattern 
Math Magician - Addition  
Math Magician - SubtractionPlace Value: 
Paint Brush MathCounting Blocks - Place Value 
Save the Apples! - Addition to 20Dinosaur Place Value 
Seashell Search - Simple AdditionFinding Place Value 
Sub Challenge - Adding 10Lifeguards 
Test the ToadShark NumbersAnimal Reports:
Tic-Tac-Toe MathSharks 2Animal Groups
UFO Mystery Picture - Addition to 20Tens and Ones PracticeAnimal Pages - Enchanted Learning
Rabbit Takeaway Animal Pages - Life Cycles
 Shapes:Animals A to Z
 Story of ShapesArctic Wildlife
 I Spy ShapesKids Planet
Counting Practice:Learning Shapes and ColorsNational Geographic Animals
Count by 5's               Count by 10'sColor the ShapesNatureworks - Animals
Connect the Dots - 1 to 50 or 2 to 100Shape JammerSan Diego Zoo
Connect the Dots - Counting by 2s and 5sShapes - Load the TruckSea World Animals
Connect the Dots - Counting by 2s - BearShape SorterWorld Almanac - Animals
Connect the Dots - Counting by 2s - PigShape TrainYahooligans Animals
Count to 100  
Counting by 2s - Even Number FishSubtraction:Science:
Counting Objects - Making GraphsBowling SubtractionMacmillan 1st Grade Science Activities
Counting Using Ten FramesBusy Bees - SubtractionMacmillan 1st Grade Science Book
EnVision Math:  Hamster Hotel (Counting)Day at the Beach - Simple Subtraction  User Name:  casci01     Password: redwood
Fairies:  2's    3's     5's    10'sFun with Fireflies - Simple Subtraction 
How much money is this?  - DimesMath Magician - Subtraction 
Number SquaresPaint Brush MathGeneral:
Numberline ExpressShootout - Take Away 10sABCya
Online Skip Counting ~ You Choose the NumberSoccer SubtractionBear Country Pairs Match Game
Spooky ~ Count Up by:   1's    2's    5's  10'sTake It AwayBen's Guide to the Government
Spooky ~ Count Back by:    1's    2's    10'sTarget Take AwayBob the Builder
 Too High or Too Low?Build a Neighborhood (Farm)
 Telling Time:Crazy for Cows
Fractions:Stop the Clock - Hour and 1/2 HourDairy Council of California - Kids Games
Bowling for FractionsTelling TimeDairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Cross the River FractionsTelling Time with DragonEnchanted Learning
Pizza Party FractionsWhat Time Is It?Funschool
 Willy the WatchdogGame Goo
Greater Than and Less Than:Time Teller (A little harder)Grover Around the World
Dive for Treasure - Greater Numbers Google Maps
Greater Than and Less Than - 1 digitReading and Grammar:HM Education Place
Greater Than and Less Than - 2 digitsAcademic Skill Builder GrammarJohnny Appleseed Activities
Greater Than and Less Than - 3 digitsBook AdventureKids Around the World
Penny Prize - Greater and LessCliffordKids Around the World - Factmonster
Harcourt Math - First Grade ListClifford's Sound MatchLearn About The World
 DositeyLet's Talk About Insects
Measuring:Dr. SeussLittle Animals Activity
MeasuringHm Education PlaceLizard Point Fun Page
Measuring LengthI'm Reading!Phil Tulga Website
 Learn to ReadPirates Coloring Book
Money:Play with ClayPirate Game
Buy It Money GameScholastic KidsPlants in Motion
Change Maker (harder-counting back change)Online Storytellers - BookPALSScott Foresman Online Social Studies
Counting CoinsPBS Kids 
Counting MoneyPlayhouse DisneyPenguins:
Counting Money - HolidaysSeussvillePenguin Party Story
How much money is this?  - DimesBarnyard MatchupPenguin Story
Money Practice with CoinsBuild Your Own AnimalsPenguin Dress Up
 Crunch, Nibble, GulpPenguin Bounce Game
Spending SpreeMake Your Own TidepoolPenguin Photo Slideshow
 Where's the Animal 1  
 Where's the Animal 2Reference:
 Build Your Own ScarecrowValley View AR Quiz List
 Decorate a Pumpkin
 Scarecrow Dress UpOcean Videos
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Second Grade


Addition Surprise
Paint Brush Math
Number Word Matching
AAA MathMacmillan 2nd Grade Science Activities 
Academic Skill Builder MathAmazing InsectsSpelling City
Adding Doubles ArcheryAnimals A to Z 
Adding Double 10sBat Activities 
Addition Memory GameBat Jigsaw PuzzlesReading and Grammar:
Addition SurpriseBat WorldAcademic Skill Builder Grammar
AplusMathBats at Enchanted LearningBook Adventure
Bowling for FractionsBats 4 KidsClifford
Count to 100Batty About BatsDositey
Cross the River FractionsDynaMo's LabDr. Seuss
Fact Families (Addition and Subtraction)Let's Talk About InsectsGrammar Exercises
Flight 4 Fuel - AdditionPenguin GamesHM Education Place
Funbrain - Second GradePenguinsMissing Letters
Gumball Surprise - > & <San Diego ZooOnline Storytellers - BookPALS
Harcourt Math - Second Grade ListSpiders for KidsPlay with Clay
Hidden Picture Addition Scholastic Kids
IXL Math for 2nd Grade Spell-a-roo
Math BaseballTelling Time:Spellbound
Math PlaygroundBlackdog's Time ClockSeussville
Math Videos  by Math PlaygroundFeeding TimeWord Find Puzzles
Measuring LengthOne More Time 
Number Word MatchingTelling Time 
Numberline ExpressTelling Time with Dragon 
Pizza Party FractionsWhat Time Is It?General:
Play Kids Math GamesWilly the WatchdogBen's Guide to the Government
Spacey Math Build Your Own Pizza
Tic-Tac-Toe MathJohnny Appleseed:Dairy Council of California - Kids Games
UFO Mystery Picture - Addition to 20Apple FaceDairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
 Apple Facts QuizEnchanted Learning
Money:Apple HangmanFunschool
Buy It Money GameJohnny Appleseed ActivitiesGame Goo
Change MakerJohnny Appleseed WordsearchHM Education Place
Counting MoneyJohnny Apple Tree PuzzleKids Planet
Counting Money - HolidaysJohnny Apple Tree QuizLizard Point Fun Page
Counting with Coins (over $1)Lafayette Apple Festival GamesPBS
Money ProjectWho is Johnny Appleseed?Phil Tulga Website
Spending Spree Scott Foresman Online Social Studies
Maps and Graphs: Reference:
Graphing Practice     

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Third Grade

Math:Science:Social Studies:

enVision Math Games


AAA MathMacmillan 3rd Grade Science ActivitiesBen's Guide to the Government
Academic Skill Builder MathArty the AstronautBiographies
Addition Memory GameAstronomyChristopher Columbus Facts/Quiz
AplusMathBats Bats EverywhereThe First Americans
Cool MathCool ScienceRocklin, CA
Fact Families (Multiplication and Division)Earth and Moon ViewerRocklin History
Feeding Time (Clock Practice)KidsAstronomyScott Foresman Online Social Studies
FLASHCARDS:  AdditionLet's Talk About InsectsState Quiz
FLASHCARDS:  SubtractionMagic School Bus: SpaceState Quiz #2
FLASHCARDS:  DivisionNASA WebsiteUSA Games (Place the State)
FLASHCARDS:  RoundingNASA's Kids Science News NetworkWorld Map Quiz
Funbrain - Third GradeNew Horizon Mission to Pluto 
Harcourt Math - Third Grade ListPenguin GamesGeneral:
Hidden Picture AdditionPenguinsDairy Council of California - Kids Games
IXL Math for 3rd Grade  
Math MagicianPlanet Size ComparisonsDairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Math PlaygroundSolar SystemDance Mat Typing
Math Videos  by Math PlaygroundSolar System ExplorationEnchanted Learning
Regrouping Lesson - AdditionSolar System - PlanetsFact Monster Homework Center
Regrouping Lesson - SubtractionSpace PlaceFunbrain
Spacey MathVirtual Journey  into the UniverseFunschool
Telling Time - Half Past & Quarters HM Education Place
Telling Time PracticeGrammar and Reading:Kid Info
Blackdog's Time ClockAcademic Skill Builder GrammarPBS
 Book AdventurePhil Tulga Website
Fractions:Funbrain - IdiomsSeussville
Fraction BarGrammar ActivitiesTime for Kids
Fraction MatchingGrammar BlastTyper Shark
Fractions:  Pizza PartyGrammar ExercisesVirtual Field Trips
Tony Fraction's Pizza ShopGrammar Games 
Visual FractionsGrammar Glossary

Mrs. Lohse:

Visualize FractionsHomophone GamePower Point Project
 Homophone Match Game 
Money:Homophone QuizReference:
Counting MoneyMaggie's Learning AdventureENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA
Counting Money - HolidaysOnline Storytellers - BookPALS  
Money MatchingPrepositional Phrase Game - Harcourt
Money ProjectPunctuation Paintball

 Scholastic Kids 
Multiplication:Sentence PuzzlesSpelling:
Dosity - Multiplication SetsSubject and Predicate - Millionaire GameSpelling City
FLASHCARDS:  MultiplicationSubject and Predicate Practice 
Math MagicianVocabulary Pinball 
Math Magician - MultiplicationWord Master 
Multiflyer - Space Mission  
Multiplication Mystery  
Multiplying - Calculating Crew  

Special Class Projects

Castles:Iditarod Websites:Iditarod Activities:
Castles and Knights2010 Winners - Picture GalleryBe a Musher
Castles for Kids2010 WinnersDogsledding 101
Castles Links2011 Musher ListingFree Iditarod Videos
Castles of Britain2010 Ceremonial Start of Race VideoIditarod Puzzle
Castles on the Web2010 Iditarod Start of Race - CNN VideoIditarod Scavenger Hunt Quiz
Ghosts in the Castle2011 Race UpdatesIditarod Tour Virtual Field Trip
Kids' Castles2011 Television Station Coverage with VideosIditarod Word Search
Make a Coat of ArmsAlaska Daily News - IditarodOnline Iditarod Quiz
 Iditarod.comScholastic-Iditarod Activities
 Iditarod Slideshow 
 Video 2009 Race 
 Videos ~ List of Free Videos 
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Fourth Grade

Math:Science:Social Studies:

AAA MathMacmillan 4th Grade Science ActivitiesBen's Guide to the Government
Academic Skill Builder MathAnimals A to ZBy the Great Horn Spoon
AplusMathAnimals A to Z DirectoryLearn California
Flashcards - MultiplicationAnimal Planet - A to Zoo

Flashcards - DivisionAnimals - Kids PlanetRocklin History
FLASHCARDS:  RoundingAnimals - National GeographicShake the State
Fraction Bar GuideAnimals - NatureWorksState Quiz
Funbrain - Fourth GradeAnimals -Oregon ZooState Quiz #2
Harcourt Math - Fourth Grade List

Animals - San Diego Zoo 
Math MagicianAnimals - YahooligansWorld Map Quiz
Math PlaygroundBiomes and Ecosystems 
Math Videos  by Math PlaygroundCA.'s Endangered Plants and Animals 
Visual Fractions
Visualize FractionsEcosystemsENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA
 Ecosystems Animals       Username:  rocklin  Password:  library
Reading:Ecosystems on ThinkQuestFact Monster Homework Center
Book AdventureExploring EcosystemsValley View AR Quiz List
Scholastic KidsExploratoriumValley View Library Catalog
Vocabulary PinballGold Rush:Oakland Museum 
 Kent School Science
Grammar:Museum of San FranciscoGeneral:
Arcademic Skill Builder GrammarRock CycleFree Rice Website
Eduplace for KidsRocks for KidsDairy Council of California - Kids Games
Grammar ActivitiesRocks and MineralsDairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Grammar BlastRockhound KidsDance Mat Typing
Grammar ExercisesRocks - Games, Quizzes and VideosHM Education Place
Grammar GamesSchool Science FairKid Info
Grammar GlossaryScience Fair ProjectsPhil Tulga Website
Maggie's Learning AdventurePlanet Size Comparisons
Millionaire Game - Subject/PredicateElectricity and Magnet Experiments
Electricity Circuits 
 Magnets and Springs 
 Magnets Video 
 Circuits and Conductors 

Special Class Projects

California County Information:

California Mission Information:

California Counties - Hometown LocatorAnnie's MissionEnchanted Learning Volcano Info
California CountiesThe People of the MissionsExplore the Ring of Fire
California County IndexThe California Missions Online ProjectFactMonster - Volcanoes
California County MapsSpanish CaliforniaNOVA: Volcano's Deadly Warning
California Government OfficialsCalifornia Missions Internet TrailPacific Ring of Fire
County Quick FactsThe MissionsRing of Fire
Maps of California CountiesMission Santa InesVolcanoExplorer - Discovery Kids - Pompeii
Original 27 California CountiesVirtual TourVolcanoes by Regions
  Volcano Live
 Ranchos of CaliforniaVolcano Resources & Activities

Calif. Mining Camp Information:

San Diego Bios - CabrilloVolcano World
Calif. Gold Country - Mining CampsDoorway to California MissionsVolcanoes!
California Gold RushSan Diego Bios - PortolaVolcanoes and the Ring of Fire
California Gold Rush LinksSir Francis DrakeVolcanoes Around the World
Ca. Gold Rush Links - SF MuseumSpanish ExplorersYahooligans Volcano Info
Ca. Gold Rush ChroniclesSpanish Missions of California 
California Learning GamesYour Mission:  The Last MissionEarthquakes:
California Mining Camps - (Malakoff)California Mission for Children, including additional resource pagesCalifornia Earthquakes
  Discovery Earthquakes
  Dynamic Earth Interactive
  Earthquakes for Kids
  Expolatorium Faultline - Earthquakes
  Wiz Kids Earthquakes
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Fifth Grade

Math:Science:Social Studies:

AAA MathMacmillan 5th Grade Science Videos Activities(For Colonial Resources ~ See Projects Below)
Academic Skill Builder MathCells:     Animal Cell     Plant CellBios of Founding Fathers
AplusMathChart the CloudsExplorer Links
Cool MathEarth's AtmosphereEuropean Explorers
FLASHCARDS:  MultiplicationHow Stuff WorksMystery of the Mission
Funbrain - Fifth GradeHurricane Information (FEMA)Social Studies for Kids
Harcourt Math - Fifth Grade ListHurricane Pictures 
IXL Math for 5th GradeHurricane Tracker 
Math MagicianHurricane Tracker 2

States (and Capitals)

Math PlaygroundHurricane Tracker Outline MapBen's Guide to the Government
Math Videos  by Math PlaygroundHurricane VideoClick on State ~ Learn Capital
Multiplication MysteryLife of WaterCapital Given ~ Find State by Region
Visual FractionsNASA WebsiteCapital Given ~ Find State
Visualize FractionsPeriodic TableDrag State to Region on Map
 Periodic Table of ElementsFind the Capitals of All 50 States
Current Events:Planets:  AstronomyFind State by Region
Daily News QuizPlanets:  Earth and Moon ViewerFind the State
 Planet Size ComparisonsLocation of States & Capitals
General:Science GemsPlace the State
Dairy Council of California - Kids GamesSolar SystemState Capitals by Region
Dairy Council - The Dairy Farm VideoSolar System ExplorationState Capital Games
Dance Mat TypingSolar System - PlanetsState Capitals Matching Game
Kid InfoSpace PlaceState Capitals Multiple Choice Game
Online QuizzesVirtual Journey  into the UniverseState Names
Phil Tulga WebsiteSpace PowerPoint PicturesStates, Capitals, Landscapes Web Games
Scholastic KidsStormchasers Weather FactsUnited States Puzzle
Type Me5th Grade Science Unit 
Typer SharkWater CycleState Report Information:
 Weather Channel50 States
Reference:Weather DataMap Point - State Map (Click: Find a Place)
ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICAWeather Internet HuntNet State - State Information
        Use State Census Bureau - State Info
Fact Monster Homework Center State Fact Sheets
Valley View AR Quiz List State Info on Enchanted Learning
Valley View Library Catalog State InfoPlease
  State Master
  State Reports  on Class Brain
  State Salary Information
  World Almanac - States A to Z
Special Class Projects

Colonial Resources:

Colonial KidsPerspectives on Liberty
13 Colonies WebquestColonial MapS.S. for Kids - 13 Colonies
13 Original American ColoniesColonial ResourcesThe Time Page
About the 13 coloniesColonial WilliamsburgVisit Colonial America
Ask for Kids - ColoniesEarly Day AdsWikipedia - 13 Colonies
Bio of Founding FathersJamestown Online Adventure 
 Kid Info on 13 Colonies 
 New England Colonies - Cliff Notes 
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Sixth Grade



Social Studies:

AAA Math
Activity on Sumeria
Adding Integers Ancient History - Gilgamesh
Funbrain - Sixth GradeCountry Reports Information:Ben's Guide to the Government
Harcourt Math - Sixth Grade ListCountry at a GlanceCyber Museum - Mesopotamia
IXL Math for 6th Grade  
Math MagicianCountry Profiles7 Wonders - Ancient World
Math PlaygroundCountry StudiesGreek PowerPoint Jeopardy
Math Videos  by Math PlaygroundCountry Studies 2 
 Info Please - CountriesDairy Council of California - Kids Games


Lonely Planet DestinationsDairy Council - The Dairy Farm Video
Power FootballWorld FactbookDance Mat Typing
 Yahooligans - CountriesFact Monster Homework Center
  Kid Info


 Scholastic Kids
AAAMath FractionsVolcanoes:Typer Shark
Kids Online Fraction HelpFactMonster - VolcanoesVirtual Field Trips
Middle School MathVolcanoes Around the World 
Soccer ShootoutVolcano Discovery
Teach R Kids MathVolcanoes of the World (Global Volcanism)Reference:
Visual FractionsVolcano World

Visualize Fractions 
 Current Events:Valley View AR Quiz List
 Daily News QuizValley View Library Catalog
 New York Times Learning 
 Washington Post for Kids 
 Yahooligans News 

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General for All

Search Engines:American Sign Language DictionaryKeyboarding Lessons:
Ask.comAOL@SchoolDance Mat Typing
Ask for KidsCool MathFree Typing Games
Fact MonsterFree Rice WebsitePower Typing - Lessons
Fact Monster Homework CenterDairy Council of California - Kids GamesPower Typing - Games
Globio GlossopediaDairy Council - The Dairy Farm VideoTouch Typing Lessons
Info PleaseOnline Storytellers - BookPALSTyper Shark
Kids ClickPlants in Motion 
MSN KidsPrimary Games 
Time for KidsSan Diego ZooLive Web Cams:
The World FactbookScott Foresman Online Social StudiesAnimal Cameras
YahooligansSocial Studies for KidsAtlanta Zoo's Panda Cam
 Sports Illustrated for
 White House WebsiteMonterey Bay Live Web Cam
 Yahooligans NewsNational Parks Web Cam

San Diego Zoo Live Web Cams
       Smithsonian Animal Cams
  Turtle Bay Eagle Cam
  WebCams in Any State
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Reference Sites

Bibliography InformationFact Monster Homework CenterBiography Sites:
Bibliography - Homework CenterInforPlease
Bibliography - MLA ExamplesInfoPlease EncyclopediaFact Monster Biographies
Bibliography - WikipediaKids Connect Subject IndexInfoPlease Biographies
Blank Outline MapsKids Dictionary & Thesaurus 
DictionaryMerriam-Webster Online Dictionary 
Encarta MSNNational WildlifeSearch Engines:

Purdue University Online Writing
Presidents of the U.S.Ask for Kids
Encyclopedia.comRhyme ZoneFact Monster
Encyclopedia SmithsonianSacramento HistoryInfo Please
 ThesaurusKids Click
 Valley View AR Quiz ListMSN Kids
 Valley View Library CatalogTime for Kids
 Webopedia (Computer Dictionary)The World Factbook
 Wikipedia (Free Online Encyclopedia)Yahooligans
 World Almanac for Kids 
 World Book 

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Any Holiday:Chanukah:Spring:
Make A Personalized Holiday CardChanukah/Hanukkah FunSpringtime Games
 Hanukkah ActivitiesBlackdog's Easter
Christmas and Winter Games:Hanukkah Holiday FunEaster Fun - Decorate Eggs
Christmas Spot the Difference Easter Games
Black Dog's ChristmasChinese New Year:Free Easter Games
Build a SnowmanChinese New Year InfoFunschool Easter Games
Build a Snowman2Chinese New Year Games 
Build a Snowman 3  
Build a Snowman - Highlights Thanksgiving:
Christmas Around the WorldHalloween:Lots of Thanksgiving Games
Christmas Traditions Around the WorldBuild Your Own ScarecrowMake a Silly Turkey
Christmas GamesCarve a PumpkinOnline Thanksgiving Games
Christmas Quizzes and GamesCreepy Halloween ColoringThanksgiving Coloring
Decorate a Jan Brett Christmas TreeFall Leaves PuzzleThanksgiving Coloring (Funschool)
Decorate for Christmas - HousesHalloween Dress Up GameThanksgiving Puzzle
Decorate for Christmas - VillageHalloween Tic Tac ToeThanksgiving Bounce
Santa FilbricksHalloween Word SearchThanksgiving Differences
Artic AnticsScarecrow Dress UpTurkey Swap
Christmas Bulb Logic Thanksgiving Dinner Problem
Holiday Presents Toss and Catch
Decorate the Gingerbread House Constitution Day
Decorate the Gingerbread House - Jan Brett President's Day Games
Holiday Coloring Book  
Holiday Greeting Card FunJohnny Appleseed: 
How is Christmas Celebrated?Apple FaceValentines Day:
Letter to SantaApple Facts QuizFunschool Valentine Games
Make a SnowflakeApple HangmanMake A Personalized Valentine Card
Naughty or Nice?Johnny Appleseed ActivitiesThe Kids Page Valentine
North Pole AdventuresJohnny Appleseed WordsearchValentines Games Clubhouse GamesJohnny Apple Tree PuzzleValentine Puzzles
Santa Clause.ComJohnny Apple Tree QuizValentine Match Game
Snowflake MakerLafayette Apple Festival GamesValentine Coloring Pages
Track Santa on Christmas EveShrunken Apple Face GameCatch Cupid's Hearts
Winter SnowglobeWho is Johnny Appleseed?Hearts Basketball
  Pop the Red Hearts Game
  Valentine Tic Tac Toe
 St. Patrick's Day: 
 St. Pat's Coloring Pages 
 St. Patrick's Day Activity CenterVeteran's Day:
 St. Patrick's Day GamesVeteran's Day Coloring
 St. Pat - Black DogMake a Medal
 The Kids Page - St. Patrick's DayPatriotic Pairs
  Patriotic Drawing Board
  Place the States

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Just For Fun Stuff

Air Force Fighter Pilot TestKaleidoscopeSandArt
Art ZoneKidKountryScribbler
Bear Pairs Match GameKid Pix to ColorSing Along Songs & Lyrics
Bembo's ZooKids PlanetSnowflake Maker
Ben and Jerry's FunLemonade StandSound Machine
Bomomo - Drawing FunLiteBriteSparkler Designs
Build-A-Bear Fun StuffMagnetic BugSudoku
Build Your Own CastleOnline Etch-a-SketchSwitcheroo Zoo
Build Your Own Ice Cream SundaePlay Kids Memory GamesTyper Shark
Build Your Own KaleidoscopePlay Kids Problem Solving GamesWatch the Flowers Grow
Build Your Own RobotPlay Kids Vocabulary PinballWord Scramble
Build Your Own TreehousePlay Kids Alphabet Games20 Questions Game
Dairy Council of California - Kids GamesPlay Kids Math Games 
Design a CakePoptropica 
Disney ChannelPrimary Games 
Doo Wapp HorsesQuiz Your Profile - Mind Reading Game 
Fireworks Display  
Fly a Helicopter  
Highlights for Kids  

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