HS Choirs Concert Dress Code

IB Choir - this choir wears choral robes during performances, but need to be mindful of concert dress under the robes.

Men: Black (or very dark) slacks, white shirt and tie with appropriate shoes.  In warm weather, keep the slacks, but feel free to wear a simple white t-shirt
under the robe in place of the shirt/tie combination. 

Women:  Dress or skirt/top with (preferably) black shoes.  As a class, we will decide if we will wear leg coverings (stockings, leggings, etc.) of some kind. 

HS Advanced Choir/HS Concert Choir

Men: Dark slacks, white long-sleeved shirt and a red tie, with appropriate shoes.

Women: A dress or skirt/top using the colors of red, white and black with appropriate shoes.  Please do not select strapless or spaghetti strap apparel.