Upcoming Events

The Incredible Years Parenting Series! Barnes Elementary, beginning March 1. Click here for more info!

Parenting Classes! Click here to see what is currently being offered at Cedar Mill Library. Click here to see other classes offered by Youth Contact.

Why are my kids "sooo bored" at school, have no real friends, and get easily frustrated? Five theories plus strategies to help.

Help! I don't know how to help my student with math homework! If you find yourself saying this, click here to learn how to help at home!


This month's theme is PATIENCE!

Students and teachers alike need to practice diligence as we start to close the school year. It's important we all continue to do put in our best effort to do our best work!

Click here to see what our previous monthly themes were, and what our upcoming themes will be!

We are celebrating all our learning by playing grade level Jeopardy! There has been so much growth in academics and personally/socially! I am proud of the effort our students put forward this year, and am excited to see them when we return in September.

Farewell, 5th graders and their families! Thank you for your leadership this year. I encourage you to build relationships with the adults in your schools next year. Also know, I am still available to you if you need help.

Please check this website often, as I am regularly posting events articles, resources, etc. that you may find helpful for your student(s) and family. I am available by appointment to meet with you if needed.

As the school counselor, I am a key player ensuring your students are career and college ready, as well as assisting them with their daily success in the classroom, cafeteria, and playground. I provide monthly LifeSkills lessons in each class all year, and run small skill-building groups from January through June. My lessons are aligned with the American School Counseling Association standards, and philosophy as well as the district's counseling learning targets. Students receive lessons regarding personal-social issues, academic concerns, and college/career-readiness.