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January 5 2018. If you and your 5th grade student are still pondering middle school options, feel free to ask me for more information.

Why are my kids "sooo bored" at school, have no real friends, and get easily frustrated? Five theories plus strategies to help.

Help! I don't know how to help my student with math homework! If you find yourself saying this, click here to learn how to help at home!


This month's theme is COMPASSION! Compassion is empathy in action. Seeing and feeling how someone else feels, and doing something to help!

Click here to see what our previous monthly themes were, and what our upcoming themes will be!

First: One of Kelso's Choices is "Wait and Cool Off" and first graders will learn how to effectively and safely calm themselves down when they are at school, so that they can think clearly and choose a second Kelso's Choice.

Second: Self-Esteem is the vocab word second graders learn this month. We talk about it means, why it is important, and how to build it within ourselves, as well as help others build their own. We read Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell and brainstorm things we like about ourselves and make us feel good about ourselves!

Third: Mistakes are a part of life, but it can be a difficult fact to accept. Third graders learn the benefit of mistakes, and healthy ways to cope when mistakes are made. Sometimes we get lucky and can learn from others' mistakes! Ask your third grader why playing memory helped them be okay with making mistakes!

Fourth: The ability to assess where one is at, where one wants to be (or wants to achieve) and put a plan in motion to reach it is another important Lifeskill. Fourth graders learn the elements of a SMART goal, and set one for themselves. Ask them what a SMART goal stands for, and what their SMART goal is!

Fifth: Fifth graders are knee deep in the application process for options schools (if they so choose) and finding the right fit for them. This month they learn what Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences are, and how knowing what their intelligences are can help them choose not only a middle school, but post secondary options, and career as well. Ask your student what their intelligences were and what careers it connects with!

Students will be building five mindsets that will promote engaged and optimal learning: Persistence, Empathy, Resiliency, Flexibility, Optimism (PERFO!) . Throughout my LifeSkills lessons these themes will be threaded within. These mindsets will translate and be applied to their relationships, academics, and future planning.

Please check this website often, as I am regularly posting events articles, resources, etc. that you may find helpful for your student(s) and family. I am available by appointment to meet with you if needed.

As the school counselor, I am a key player ensuring your students are college and career ready, as well as assisting them with their daily success in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, and beyond. I provide monthly LifeSkills lessons in each class all year, and run small skill-building groups for extra skill building for those who need it. My lessons are (in the process of ) being aligned with the updated American School Counseling Association mindsets and behaviors and philosophy.