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The Incredible Years Parenting Series! Barnes Elementary, beginning March 1. Click here for more info!

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Why are my kids "sooo bored" at school, have no real friends, and get easily frustrated? Five theories plus strategies to help.

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This month's theme is DILIGENCE!

Students and teachers alike need to practice diligence as we start to close the school year. It's important we all continue to do put in our best effort to do our best work!

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Kindergarten: The end of the year brings a lot of anticipation and excitement for kindergarteners as they imagine what first grade may be like. It can also come with stress and worry. We learn what we can do to help us when we worry, and focus on the exciting things in first grade! What is your soon-to-be first grader excited about?

First: We continue our conversation about careers this month! We will read When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic. They get to share what they want to be when they grow up, and complete a matching picture to job worksheet. Have you shared what you wanted to be when you were younger with your child?

Second: The line between being bossy and a leader is a thin one! This month 2nd graders learn the difference between the two, the consequences of being bossy, and how to speak up for yourself when being bossed around. We read Andy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores Starbuckle to help learn this important lesson!

Third: Third graders explore more jobs this month! Last month we focused on community helper jobs, and this month we will watch a few clips illustrating some exciting jobs that don't necessarily provide a direct service to others, such as scientists, FBI fitness instructors, and wildlife officers. We'll also chat about the importance of preparing for certain careers by going college, or a special training program.

Fourth: We continue our career discussion with fourth graders this month as well. Regardless of career, everyone needs to have the skill of recognizing one's own strengths and challenges, and applying those to working with others. They will use their strengths to do their part as they work in teams to design an outfit using only newspapers!

Fifth: They will get some extra practice again opening locks as we do a 6th grade simulation. Fifth graders will receive a pretend schedule, and will simulate what it will be like to move from class to class, write down homework in his/her planner, as well as making stops at their locker to get supplies for the next class. Students can always make appointments with me during their recesses to get extra practice opening locks. *NOTE: The Dollar Tree often has locks!*

Please check this website often, as I am regularly posting events articles, resources, etc. that you may find helpful for your student(s) and family. I am available by appointment to meet with you if needed.

As the school counselor, I am a key player ensuring your students are career and college ready, as well as assisting them with their daily success in the classroom, cafeteria, and playground. I provide monthly LifeSkills lessons in each class all year, and run small skill-building groups from January through June. My lessons are aligned with the American School Counseling Association standards, and philosophy as well as the district's counseling learning targets. Students receive lessons regarding personal-social issues, academic concerns, and college/career-readiness.