NEW! Tech Volunteer Page!

Welcome Brave Tech Volunteers!

Please click here to see a schedule and calendar of tech classes at Bonny Slope. As you know, the way specials are scheduled, tech class does not occur on the same day each week, hence the online calendar! You should find the schedule of classes on the first tab (sheet) of this calendar, and you should be able to view any month by clicking its name on the bottom.

Because the classes are short and back-to-back, it is very hard to give volunteers a proper welcome, and for that, we apologize! Since two classes of the same grade level are taught back-to-back, it’s great if you can stick around for both. And often, the first graders and second graders are learning similar skills (since it’s the first year with me for both grades), so if you can spare all two hours in the afternoon, even better!