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Yes, its easy for them, but are your students responsible and effective digital learners?

Our students are 'digital natives', meaning the world as they know it exists with full access to all forms of media.  I've seen children as young as 1-2 years old navigating IPads and cellphones with ease! However, this seemingly natural ability to operate gadgets does not automatically equip our kids with the full knowledge and understanding of all of the issues inherent in using these technologies, especially when online.  The internet is an incredible opportunity to enrich student learning, but it does come with incredible responsibility as well.  Being media literate in this digital age includes knowledge of how to use technologies safely, legally, effectively, and in socially acceptable ways.  I encourage you to discover more ways to promote the habits of good digital citizenship with your students!  Explore the links below:

    Article filed by Sarah Jackson in Classroom Curriculum 02/13/2012
CyberSmart Education Curriculum Homepage  (all rights reserved) 
    Learn more about Safety & Security, Manners & CyberCitizenship, CyberBullying, 
    Digital Citizenship, Research & Information Fluency, Authentic Learning, and 
     21st Century Challenges.   
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From 5th Grade Student Exhibitions: 
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Congratulations to the BSE News team members chosen as finalists in the district-wide "Signal-to-Noise" video competition!
April 25, 2012

With guidance from new advisor Colin Elliot, the BSE News Team produced several thought-provoking and creative last-minute video entries into the district-wide competition, putting their work up against other elementary students' video submissions. 

The following entries have been chosen as finalists and will be featured at the Signal-to-Noise Moving Image Media Festival:

"Bullying" produced by Tyler, Brynne, and Ella 
"The Invisible iPad" produced by Sophia, Christina, Courtney, and Tea

Thursday, May 10 at Sunset Presbyterian Church
Pre-event 6pm * Showcase 7pm 

This is the site to see!
March 12, 2012

Everyone is cordially invited to browse this site and learn what it has for you

Kids, you might want to head straight over to Links for Kids. There, you will find many activities to do whenever you choose away from school. We may also use some of these links during lessons in technology class.

Parents, you may choose to bookmark this page (or add it to your favorites), as it’s a great resource for both you and your kids. In addition to educational “games,” there are also many links to will help you and your child have a successful school year. Be sure to check out the Book Award and Book List page, as well as the Links for Parents page. Both pages will help you guide your kids toward success both on the computer and in the library.

Finally, educators may want to browse through all of the pages. You’ll find many good sites on the Links for Kids page to support classroom curriculum, as well as links to eResearch, Starfall, the library catalog, and other staples. You’ll find all kinds of book lists, links to help you find books on particular topics, links to help you determine the reading/lexile level of books, and so much more on the pages for Teachers, Parents, and Media Specialists. And on Links for Teachers, you’ll also find resources to help you teach many subjects in a highly visual way using a computer connected to your projector.

Hey kids, are you making progress on your typing?

March 12, 2012

Please continue to practice your keyboarding skills!  Follow the Links for Kids and choose which typing games or tests will challenge you to improve your level, rate, and accuracy.  Try beating your own scores each time!  Remember, the only person you need to impress with your scores is YOURSELF, so stay honest with your own progress.

The final TYPING TEST (Progress Check) for the year will be June 6 & 7.

The learning targets for keyboarding are:

        3rd Grade:  Level 3 /  5 wpm /  90% accuracy
        4th Grade:  Level 4 / 10 wpm /  90% accuracy
        5th Grade:  Level 5 / 15 wpm /  90% accuracy