Safe & Supportive Schools Program - 2018-19 Plan

During the 2016-17 school year, a stakeholder survey was conducted with students, parents, and faculty members.  The results of the survey identified "safety" as a primary concern in schools.

From January 2017 through June 2017, the Board of Education re-evaluated and re-defined district-wide goals.  Safe & supportive schools was identified as one of the top four priorities/goals in the district.

In July 2017, instructional leaders and staff representatives from all schools were invited to collaborate with the Board and administration regarding the District's goals and future action plans. Safe and supportive school climates was a primary element to these discussions.

In August 2017, the administration met, committees were organized, and assignments were made regarding safe and supportive school initiatives.

Student success is the primary purpose of the District's Safe and Supportive Schools Program.  The District continues to implement the program.

2018-19 Staff Training Plans - Staff members in schools and programs have access to training resources. The program is designed to be flexible, convenient, and adaptive to local needs.  Periodically, specific topics are selected and training resources are provided to encourage consistency throughout the district. Site-specific and team-based collaboration facilitated by supervising administrators and leaders is highly encouraged.