Personal Information

Richard Rose
Counselor at Milford High School and Beaver High School
Contact Information:
    Email Address:
    Phone number:  MHS 387-2751 ext 8166
                              BHS 438-2301 ext 7166

Professional Credentials:
Bachelors of Science SUU ( History and Sociology)
M.A.ED. University of Phoenix

A little about myself:  
I have been a school counselor for 14 years but was a regular education teacher for 4 years before I became the school counselor.    I love being in a small school because it allows me to have a personal relationship with all the students.   It also allows me to gain an understanding of them as individuals and what will better serve their needs. On a personal note, I am married an have a beautiful wife Tanya and 3 lovely children: Chandler, Jaycee and Trey.  We have lived in Milford for the last 20 years and I was a graduate of Milford High School.