Graduation Requirements

Beaver High School Graduation requirements for 2014 and beyond

Language Arts

4 Credits

Language Arts 9

Language Arts 10

Language Arts 11

Language Arts 12

4th Language:  Student Choice (English 12, AP English, CP English, English 1010, English 2010, Forensics)


4 Credits

Secondary I

Secondary I Lab

Secondary II

4th Math:  Student Choice (Acct I/Acct II, Secondary III (H), Calculus, Math 1010, Math 1050, etc.)


3 Credits

1.0 Earth Systems or Chemistry or Physics or Geology

1.0 Biology or BAST or Advanced Biology

3rd Science:  Student Choice (Physics, Ag Science, Chemistry, BAST, Animal Science I/II, Geology, Medical Anatomy and Physiology (MAPS) and Botany)

Social Studies

3 Credits

Geography .5

World History (Ancient and Modern Civilization)1.0

US History (11th grade) 1.0

American Government (U.S. Government and Citizenship) .5


1.5 Credits

Student Choice (VA Foundations I/II, Painting, 3-D Design, Drawing, Chorus, Drama, Orchestra, Piano/Guitar)


2 Credits

9th Participation Skills .5

9th Fitness for Life .5

10th Individual Activities/Team Sports .5

10th Health II .5

Career Technology-(CTE)

2 Credit

2.0 Student Choice (Woods, Business, Carpentry, Int. Design I/II (doesn’t count as art), Foods I/II, teen living, clothing, Child Development, Early Childhood, Welding, Ag. Systems, Construction trades, Architectural Design, Furniture Man., Cabinet/Mill, Ex. Science, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy Asst. Intro to Health Science, Medical Terminology, MAPS, Desktop Publishing,)

Computer Technology

.5 Credits Business Office Specialist

General Financial Literacy (Personal Finance)

1 Credit

Other Electives:

Spanish I/II/III, ACT Prep, Adv. Individual activities (weights), CP History, English Second Language (ESL), Reading, Grade Recovery, Peer Tutoring (approval from Carter/Hunter), Released Time (no credit given)

20 Total Required Credits

16 Elective courses beyond these Credits

4 Credits of Learning Strategies at 1.0 per year

40 (out of 44) Total Credits to Graduate from Beaver High School

***Seniors must also take a Math or Science AND English, along with being in all period’s every day.

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