Class of 2020

Things YOU can be doing as a Junior

Make Academics a Priority:  

  • Study and complete all homework to keep good grades

  • Take a challenging class or two: Beaver U

  • Fulfill graduation requirements to leave room your senior year for an internship.

Study and take the ACT Test at least 2 times (one will be the free test given to all Juniors on March 1)

  • 90% of scholarships received are Academic Scholarships from colleges

  • Academic Scholarships are based on GPA and ACT Test Scores.  So the better your grades and the higher your ACT/SAT scores, the bigger the scholarship!

Get involved in areas of interest:

  • Join and participate in clubs, athletics, etc.  (interested in Medical related jobs--Join HOSA)

  • Step up and be an officer or a leader in your club or sport

Update your Brag List

  • Include all academic achievements as well as service and leadership

  • Earn an Academic Letter or two

Search Colleges online

  • Check out departments and degrees that are of interest to you.

  • Visit a college campus.  Take a Tour, meet with an advisor, ask questions.  Job Shadow

  • Check out USU’s Degree Finder to see some of the many options available to study


  • Girls/Boys State

  • USU Engineering State

  • If you are interested in applying to the United States Air Force Academy the process begins your Junior year. The deadline for submitting the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire online

is December 31. For additional information, please visit