Class of 2021

Things YOU can be doing as a Sophomore

Try New Things:  

  • Join a club or two

  • Participate in athletics

  • Take a class in an area of interest to you

Make School a Priority:

  • Study, do and turn in all homework assignments

  • Learn organizational skills

  • Practice time management

  • Get help when needed

  • Grades are important, they can determine which college you attend and scholarships you will receive.

  • Learning how to Learn is a skill you will need the rest of your life!

Start a Brag List

  • Record things that you are involved in

  • Be sure to include things you did in 9th grade

  • Add activities that will help your list be more well-rounded

OPPORTUNITIES for Sophomores:

  • Think about what colleges might interest you; visit a college or look at their website