Course Description

This course will introduce students to the field of renewable energy. The students will learn how electrical energy is converted or produced from a variety of renewable or sustainable resources. Students help host, compete in, and prepare demonstrations for the annual renewable energy fair hosted by MHS and sutrec every year.




This year marks a mile stone in history of the renewable energy production of Utah and specifically Beaver County.  With the permitting of four commercial scale solar farms in Beaver County a completion of sorts has occurred not often found if at all! With Geothermal power being produced since the 1980's and recent additions, Hydro power allowing Beaver City to be one of the first in Utah to be electrified, the biomass facility is producing electric power from hog effluent, and firstwind with its 300MW wind farm and now permitted four solar farms puts Beaver County Utah is a unique position of being the largest producer of renewable energy from such a small jurisdiction.  We credit the resource and the availability of those resources and the pioneering spirit of surefooted companies along with the insightful policy and policy makers who encourage this activity.

The Milford High School Renewable Class helps host a fair every year and is an integral part of or The Southwest Utah Renewable Energy Center.
Checkout the episode of The County Seat television program:

A video to see multiple sources of renewable energy. You may not agree with the politics but the technology is worth looking at.

Feb 6, 2014, 8:52 AM