We live in worlds of interpretations.

Who we are, our personal identity, we say, is a 
linguistic construction, a story that we make about ourselves, about the direction of our life moving towards the future, and about our place in a community and the world.

The work on this domain focuses on learning to utilise a new understanding of language in everyday life and interactions allowing you to re-generate your linguistic constructions and shift to a more beautiful reality. 

We do this by co-creating a more powerful set of distinctions from where to 'observe' the world.

We can only observe a world that we can distinguish. 

Our learning in life has provided us with a detailed set of distinctions, from which we observe and form our interpretations. Many times we do not observe what is in front of us because we do not have the distinctions.

By working on expanding and enhancing our distinctions we will be empowering the observer we are to stand in a more beautiful dimension from where to observe and live life.

Our work is based on a new understanding of language and communication. The essence of this new understanding is that:
(1) language consists of listening
    and speaking and 

(2) that language is fundamental in
    creating reality.

Language is used to produce outcomes and generate realities. People act from what comprises reality for them. Having a beautiful life depends heavily on how you use language. What is done, and how well it is done, is shaped by how you do and do not use language.