Because we are much more than rational beings!

We are always in some mood or emotion. Moods and emotions permeate everything we do, and constitute a core living process.

Beautiful Living Program will take you to explore tools for recognising, managing and shifting moods and emotions. 

They are predispositions for action, yet our learning has
rarely supported us to see how we can shift our moods and emotions
to re-generate the way we live our lives.

The power of moods and emotions is that they always predispose us towards certain behaviours and not others. 

Speaking and listening, and engaging in conversations, are indispensable forms of human behaviour. How effectively we speak and listen cannot be separated from moods and emotions. 


Our emotions color how we see the world. We are always in some emotional state, and some emotions can be more pervasive than others.

Observing our emotions, how they contribute to generating our reality, and how we can manage them, is pivotal in becoming a more beautiful individual.