Because our body is our own repository of wisdom!

A much neglected part of our learning about our Being is the domain of the body. 

We embody our moods as well as our attitudes and expectations. Over time we subtly configure our body to reflect these and this configuration perpetuates our perspectives and orientation in life. 

To neglect the body as a distinction and a source of important of learning is to seriously short change ourselves in moving towards becoming a more beautiful individual. 

The importance of the body can be expressed in the following way: our way of being is embodied.
The body is always present in how people listen to each other and speak with each other. Speaking is not limited to the vocal chords - it occurs from the body. An individual's posture consists of the subtle configurations of muscles and skeleton that have been learned throughout life. 

In many subtle and powerful ways, posture can keep you trapped in negative moods, and negatively impact on listening and speaking.

In Beautiful Individuals Program you will have the chance to observe how you embody your interpretations, and how the power of subtle shifts in posture and body configuration can lead you to live a more beautiful life.