We don't need to get rid of the notion of being, 
we need to transform it into a component in the cycle of becoming

Our Approach

The 4 Constitutive Domains of Being

We interpret our Being as an open dimension of 
It is from this space of interpretation that we have designed the 
Beautiful Living Program.

From our interpretation, there are four domains
that constitute our dimension of being as a 
dimension of design. Such domains are what we 
all share as human beings and make us the kind 
of being that we are.

These four domains are the fields of action,
thought, and influence from where we will be 
able to re-design and, furthermore, re-generate
ourselves into more beautiful beings in harmony 
with the world around us.

In Beautiful Individuals we have chosen to 
represent these four domains of being as the 
leaves of a clover. Usually, finding a four 
leaf clover is a sign of good luck, and good
luck is a concept in which we don't truly 
believe in, so why the antagonism?

One of Rome's leading intellectual figures in the mid-1st century, Lucius Annaeus Seneca, once said, 

“Luck is what happens when  
 preparation meets opportunity”.

Exploring the Domains of Being

What our approach can provide you with is only 
some general distinctions that serve as 
parameters to define the basic structure of 
possibilities of this open process of becoming.

We believe that being prepared 
to meet a wider and
spectrum of possibilities is
related to
 our capacity to BE
in each one of the four
BodyLanguageEmotions and Will;
and it
 is from this construction
from where
Living Program 

However, to give you a better idea of the
journey that Beautiful Living Program can  
represent for you and your life, we invite 
you to navigate through each one of the 
four domains: