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The wise man reads both, books and life itself.

posted Dec 26, 2009, 9:34 AM by Dey Dos   [ updated Dec 28, 2009, 4:36 PM ]

This quote from Lin Yutang gives the perfect background for the launch of Beautiful Readings.

Very often we get asked about books we recommend people to read to get started in the path of a Beautiful Living: 'What should I read first?' or 'After listening to my story, what books do you recommend me to start with?'.

Well, the answer is not always simple, we do not believe in 'bibles'.

What we have decided to do is to give you a selection of books we recommend. Books that have been very useful to us along our path of creating this social construction.

It is important to state that some of this books may not be what you will expect. So please bare in mind that keeping and open heart and an open mind when starting to read a book will allow for the inner message that book has for you to emerge. After all, it is not randomly that it did arrive to your hands.

In Beautiful Readings we have prepared a small collection of books. You can find them from your friends, buy them on a bookstore near home or buy them from Amazon directly in our website.

We will keep in increasing the books' selection and the categories; at the same time we will love to hear from some of your suggestions on books that you have read and that have been meaningful to you.

You can send your suggestions to

Enjoy your reading!