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  • Why does Beaumont Unified School District believe that a 1:1 program is important?

The purpose of the 1:1 program is to provide 21st Century technology to students in order to increase engagement, further involve students in active learning, and to meet and provide students with skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. The 1:1 device program will help meet the Common Core Standards as well as help students prepare for college and career readiness. 

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  • What if I don't have access to WiFi at home?
In order to receive a mobile Hotspot to access WiFi at home, please have a parent/guardian fill out the Mobile Hotspot Request form and turn it in to the school site for processing.

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  • Why Chromebooks?

The District reviewed several devices on the market. Each were evaluated based on key criteria; cost, durability, ease of use, battery life and compatibility with key district systems. Chromebooks provided the District and students with a device which meets all stated criteria and promotes collaborative learning opportunities.

  • Who is responsible for updating the device (software and applications)?

All updates are managed over our network and will be implemented wirelessly over the internet.

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  • How will Chromebooks be used in the classrooms and at home?

The Chromebooks are meant to be used as a tool to complement their in-class instruction. It helps to view them as an alternative to students carrying multiple heavy textbooks. The Chromebooks have content filters installed so they cannot be used to access any social media, nor any other sites that are not educational. 

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  • Can students bring their own device instead?

No, Access to the district wireless is limited to staff and district owned devices. Only district-purchased devices will have access to the campus wireless network.

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  • What are the expectations for me as a parent?

Parents will be expected to treat district provided devices similar to textbooks that are provided to students. They should be used for instruction and homework by the students. Keeping them in secured and properly handled will assure that the device will function normally.
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  • Will there be Internet Filters on the Chromebooks at school and at home?

Yes. We have multiple content filter programs in place to ensure that the Chromebooks are used solely for educational purposes. The filters will work both on and off campus. It is important to remember that with all internet use, parent involvement is important to ensure responsible use.

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  • We don’t have internet at home, how will my child complete his/her homework?

Please fill out the provided form and submit to your school site. A mobile hotspot shall be configured to work specifically with that student’s chromebook. This device is heavily monitored and filtered, it will only be used for instructional purposes by the assigned student’s device. Free wireless internet access is also available at several public locations. For example: McDonalds, Starbucks, and public libraries.

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  • I travel, Can I use the Chromebook if I don’t have WiFi access?

In general, no. The Chromebooks only function if they’re connected to WiFi. Certain components, such as Google Drive, can be configured to allow offline drive access. Changes made while offline will sync once the device is connected to a wireless network.

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  • What happens if my child breaks or loses his/her Chromebooks?

Contact the school right away. The school site administration will investigate and determine the damage to the device. If the Chromebook is broken, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of the device. If repair is possible, only the cost of the specific component and labor will be charged. In the case of a stolen device, please contact the police and submit a police report. Contact the school administration as soon as possible and provide as much information, including the police report number, so the district can work with the proper authorities on possible recovery. Repair Price List (PDF version)
Acer Chromebooks

Battery Replacement $39.25
Hard Drive Replacement $34.00
Screen Replacement $32.00
Keyboard/Touch pad Replacement $32.00
Power adapter (Part # KP.06503.009) $10.59
Power cable (Part # 27.01618.051) $2.98
Re-provisioning Fee $15.00
Replacement Case $16.50
Full Replacement Cost $199.99

Hotspot Replacement Cost

Franklin R850 $75.44
Power Adapter/Cable $9.99

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  • What happens if a student doesn’t bring their device charged?

The classrooms are equipped with a limited amount of extra chargers.

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  • Will students keep the device…

    • ….over the summer?


    • ….during breaks?


    • ….each year?


    • ….after they graduate?

This has not been determined at this time. More information will be provided very soon

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