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1 Fast Diet

You've likely heard talk of the "Fast" or the "5:2 Diet".
May even have known of someone who used the "16:8" or any of  a number of other variations on the program. Most people I've met who have heard of one or the other of them really don't have a very good understanding of exactly what they are, how, or why - they work, or the many "long term" benefits of fasting that really don't have much (if anything) to do with "dieting".

So, the best advice I can offer is that you "forget" whatever it is you heard and start from scratch learning as much as you can from reputable sources and documented results of controlled studies. Your best friend's, friend's Uncle Harry might have "failed" using it, but we have no way of knowing if Harry actually did anything more than read about it, watch his cals for a day or two, or not.

Others, of the "diet KBG" - ideologue persuasion will proudly proclaim "I'd never do THAT - it's just another "fad" diet!! No, it's not a "fad", nor does it occup a prominent position on the "Wizard of" Ozzie wannabee infomercial series and for a good reason. While there is an "official" Fast Diet website and the founders do sell a couple of books - there's really not much money in it and purchase of the books is absolutely not necessary since there are plenty of "help and support" type websites that actively discuss the program(s). To a very large degree, once you understand the "basics" of how it works, gather the tracking tools you'll need (all of which are free online), and decide on a regimen that will work for you, it pretty much runs on "auto-pilot" (with a few "tweaks" along the way based on your results).

You will likely hear claims that "on 5:2 you fast for two days a week and can eat absolutely anything you want on the other 5 and the weight just falls off." While that may be true (if you're a bodybuilder or training for the Olympics) for some (a very small percentage) - it's obviously not, for most of us. While I don't believe that anyone says that to intentionally deceive, it does, however, make it easy for the ideologues and that's a shame.

In fact, any of the variations of the "Fast" diet are actually a combination of the "diet" part and the "fast" part (three, really, including exercise). It's really not a "diet" but a "program" and there really isn't any one specific fasting plan or one specific diet. Many are surprised to learn that they can "import" whatever diet routine they are currently on, to the fasting part and not only improve the weight loss they were seeing before, but also add the multitude of "long term" benefits fasting provides.

The single best introduction to the benefits of various methods of fasting (as well as a look at serious "CR" (calorie restriction) modes), set aside an hour, pull up a glass of wine, and click
 here to click here to watch this video.
It is almost an hour long and you really do
have to watch it all the way through -
even if the first couple segments
have you saying "I'll never do that."
Trust me, it's worth it.