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3 The Trackers - getting ready

Let's take a quick look at getting the different items you got together in the last article.

First is LoseIT - this will be your "go to" tracker so make sure it's handy. Once you have created an account, log in and head to the "home" page to look around. You'll need to populate the page with some "one time" entries (starting weight, goal weight, etc) and then just get familiar with how it's laid out and where things are. LoseIT has a good database of many common items and you can also create "custom" foods and recipes for things you eat frequently. "One off" meals can be entered by listing each ingredient. It's a little confusing in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it works pretty well.

The Fast Diet Calculator is pretty much just "nice to have" since both LoseIT and my Excel sheet will perform the BMI calculations on their own and embedded in the Excel sheet is a link to another calculator that also does ABSI and relative risks for BMI and ABSI+BMI (we'll cover ABSI in a later article.)

The Spark site will also require a (free) registration so go ahead and do that. Spark can be confusing as well but since we are not using their "tracker" you don't need to worry about that now. We'll use the "recipes" and, maybe (if you want to) the "Community Forums". The recipes section is excellent, check it out for some very good, highly nutritious, low cal options. When I find one I like I print it out (with the nutrition numbers) and then enter it into LoseIT.

Finally, my Excel tracking sheet brings everything together in one place and adds a few items we haven't discussed yet (but will), like ABSI. I have (intentionally) "locked" all the cells that contain formulas as those will "fill themselves" (and if one was to make an entry, break the formula and any other cells that rely on it). The only cells you have to enter values in are those shadded blue.

Enter your name, height (in ft/in), starting date (as xx/xx/xx), cals (total consumed this day from LoseIT), Budgeted Cals (also from LoseIT), WC (waist circumference), B is number of Belviq pills (if you use them, if not just leave blank),
we'll discuss Belviq in a future article.
Everything else, across to "Relative Risks"
will autofill. The three RR values
come from the ABSI Risk Calculator
(shortcut to the right) and are
optional but most informative.

I'm not that big on clouds in real life and here
they're a PITA, sorry, I'll work on fixing it - one
of these days.