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2 Fast Diet, Getting Started

OK, so you've watched the video, done some reading on the various incarnations of the "Fast" diet and you're ready to give it a shot - "hey, what do I have to lose? (pun intended).

Before we get going, let's collect the various measuring, tracking, and calorie/recipes info we'll need. As far as trackers go, there are no hard and fast rules other than it's "best" if you keep the logs every day (even on those days you "stumble"), but the world isn't going to stop spinning if you miss a day here or there. In addition to the moral support the positive results provide, especially when they are "black and white", just the act of filling in the forms each day helps to keep you focused on the goal and it's much easier to make mid-stream "tweaks" when you see a trend developing.

On the other hand, especially with weight, don't let minor (a pound or two) fluctuations day to day, freak you out. It's completely normal - happens to everyone.

Here's the list of my favorites. Click each of the links and bookmark them where they will easy to find. Down at the bottom there is an Excel spreadsheet I use (it's safe to download) - grab that too and in the next article we'll look at each of them.

Lose IT! tracks daily cal intake, weight, calorie budget, and more.

Fast Diet - TDEE, BMR, BMI Calculator does the math for you.

Spark is a great source of recipes and the forums can be fun, they also have trackers but I prefer LoseIT.

And, finally, scroll down to the file "Weight Chart05LockedToShare", download and save.

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May 10, 2014, 4:50 PM