Welcome!FACS- Family and Consumer Sciences welcomes you to Blue Earth Area High School!  Ms. Carlson is excited to have you visit the FACS site.  BEA High School students will journey together in a variety of classes:  Culinary Arts I & II, Child Development I & II, Life Prep, World of Design, History & Cultures, Family & Relationships.   Welcome!


Interested in becoming a FACS Teacher???   

Note from our State FACS Coordinator:  "Oh!  I need to mention that FACS is now on the shortage list and students going into our field to teach FACS can qualify forLOAN FORGIVENESS of Perkins, Stafford and TEACH Grants (what a perfect way to “Fill the FACS pipeline” )!   My first priority here at MDE was to do the work to get us on this list!!  If students who take this class go into any of the fields on the “Minnesota Teacher Shortage List” published by the Commissioner of Education, or teach in an economically disadvantaged school, they too can receive loan forgiveness for the same loans mentioned above. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce or eliminate the student debt many of our students are saddled with?

Power Standards Link:  https://docs.google.com/a/beas.blueearth.k12.mn.us/document/d/1XfhVeEx37M2XdON-9FDzX1ICV0aCYlwwzeFt1HCYCS4/edit?usp=sharing