Online Learning Options

BEFORE you register for any online course, it is important to consider the question of "Are you Ready?"
  Take this free online quiz to see if you are might be successful at online courses: QUIZ

You can find many recommendations to help you be successful in an online class.  For example, attached below is an article that outlines 6 Tips to Help Students Master Time Management in an Online Class.

BEA High School students who wish to enroll in ANY online courses (PSEO or high school level) are expected to review, complete, and submit to office, the Guidelines for Enrollment in Online Courses before enrolling in any online classes.  

Students enrolling in high school courses through our partner program can explore course options at: and should also complete the following:  Socrates-Northern Star Requirements and Expectations form (attached below).

Please set up an appointment with Mrs. Lindsey, School Counselor, to complete the online enrollment process.

PSEO students should consult with the advisers at the college they plan to attend for support and online enrollment information.

STUDENTS NEEDING CREDIT RECOVERY through SUMMER SCHOOL (in 2018) will have the option to do this online.  

Click here for a link to explore online "college" options in Minnesota.
Patti Lindsey,
Sep 2, 2016, 7:47 AM