We currently operate three New York State certified basic life support ambulances. These vehicles are staffed by at least one EMT and a driver. Each ambulance is fully stocked with necessary Basic Life Support equipment to enable the NYS certified EMT to perform CPR with a semiautomatic defibrillator, control bleeding, treat hypoperfusion, stabilize and immobilize injured bones and the spine, and manage environmental and behavioral emergencies as well as emergency childbirth. Our ambulances also carry several medications including aspirin for the management of cardiac-related chest pain, epinephrine for severe allergic reactions, glucose to treat hypoglycemia, albuterol for severe exacerbations of asthma and naloxone to reverse the life-threatening effects of opioid overdose.



In addition to our three ambulances, we also operate a basic life support flycar (82-69) for transporting additional personnel and equipment to emergencies. We also maintain a mass casualty incident (MCI) trailer (82-68) for large-scale emergencies and standby events, including K-Fest.



Our district includes the many trails and the rough terrain of Mount Beacon and Breakneck Ridge. Our utility terrain vehicle (82-96) is used to navigate through these trails, locate, and rescue patients in these areas. Additionally, it is used at standby events where our ambulances are unable to travel, such as the Walkway Marathon and K-Fest.