The B-EHS 2014-2015 TSE Schedule is available.  Both morning and evening Winter classes are underway.
Sign-ups for the three Spring clases begin February 23, 2015.  Morning, afterschool, and evening classes will be offered.
Pick up an application packet in the Athletic/Activities Office during the enrollment period.

Cost $ 425.00  -  One DOL Knowledge Test and one DOL Skill Test is included! 


You may apply in the Athletic/Activities Office during regular school hours. Fall classes may begin enrollment starting "Picture Day" in August. Download the application and turn it in along with your payment in full to the Athletic/Activities Office. Students need to pre-apply online at the DOL website in order to get their Learner's Permit # (PIC).  You must attach this PIC number to the application when enrolling. If you have a WASHINGTON STATE ID, the 12 digit/number PIC number is on the ID.  WA ID owners DO NOT pre-apply on-line.  Just write the PIC# on the application. 

Call or text Mary Lynch, Coordinator at 360-540-7777 if you have further questions.

Our B-EHS TSE program includes the following:
         30 Hours of Classroom Instruction                     
         6 Hours of Behind-The-Wheel Driving
         6 Hours of Backseat Student Observation
         1 DOL Knowledge Test given on campus by our staff
         1 DOL Skill Test given on campus by our staff

Students must be at least 15 years old, by the Parent/ Student Meeting date, to enroll in TSE. Sessions are offered during the fall, winter, spring and summer.
The $425 total payment fee is due at enrollment, and includes the classroom; the behind-the-wheel driving; backseat observation;  one DOL approved Written Knowledge test; and one Driving Skills Test. This fee is nonrefundable, unless a student withdraws within the first five (5) hours of the course.

Students must pre-apply on-line at the DOL website to start the process of getting their instruction permit. It is here that you will receive your permit number (PIC#).  Make 2 copies of the PIC # page and attach one copy to the application form. Keep one for your files. If a student already has a permit or Washington State issued ID card, please place the PIC #, very clearly, on the application form. 

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    DOL Approved Knowledge/ Written Test

    The DOL Knowledge Test is administered by the classroom instructor at the end of each TSE course session, after successful completion of the 30-hour class 

    Students not currently enrolled in a class can take the written test on the first (1st) Tuesday of every month during the regular school / 6:30-7:30.  Sign-up with Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office

    The written test may be available by appointment. Call or text Mary Lynch at 360.540.7777

    DOL Approved Skill (Drive) Test

    - By Appointment Only - 

    (After the student has successfully completed theTSE Course and the DOL Written Test

    To schedule a drive call Mary Lynch at 360-540-7777 after school hours.

    The $425 enrollment fee includes one DOL knowledge test and one DOL driving skills test administered by B-EHS Staff

    A second or subsequent DOL written test requires a fee of $25 paid to Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office

    A second or subsequent DOL driving test requires a fee of $35 paid to Lisa Drye in the Athletic/ Activities Office

    Checks are to be made out to "B-EHS TSE"

    Posted Jul 13, 2014, 6:05 AM by Arnie Robinette


    Burlington-Edison High School has been approved by the DOL to provide and administer the written knowledge test as well as the DOL driving skills tests to students enrolled in our Traffic Safety Education course. 


    Once students have passed the B-EHS TSE course, a "Course Complete" status will be entered into the DOL website portal by the TSE instructor.  This will be done within 24 hours of the student completing the course.  

    When students take the DOL written/ knowledge test, the B-EHS examiner enters the students' scores into the DOL portal as well. 

    The same holds true when students complete the DOL driving skills test. The results are to be entered within 24 hours of taking the test.

    Once all the testing has been passed, and the student has driven/ logged a minimum of 50 hours with parent(s)/guardian(s); and has had their permit for at least 6 months; and has turned 16, they can go to any DOL in our state to gain the Intermediate License. 

    If a student has their photo on the permit, gaining the Intermediate License may be done on-line.  Visit the DOL website at http://www.dol.wa.gov  for information.   

    Let's say you go to the Mt. Vernon DOL Office.  Make sure to bring $89 in cash or check.

    First, you will pay a $35 "License Application Fee."  Then you will have your photo taken and pay a $54 "Licensing Fee" to the DOL, for the 6-year license. ($9 x 6 years)
    Please keep in mind that passing the DOL tests does not guarantee that an applicant will automatically be issued an Intermediate License. The DOL, upon your visit there, will determine if an applicant has met all of the license requirements.
    If you have further concerns or questions about testing, visit the DOL website at http://www.dol.wa.gov ; or call the Mount Vernon DOL at 360-416-7564; or call Mary Lynch, TSE Coordinator, B-EHS at 360.5407777.

    Posted Jul 12, 2014, 5:58 PM by Arnie Robinette
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    2014-2015 TSE SCHEDULE 

    The 2014-15 yearly schedule is now available. Please use it to find the class that best fits your family's plans.  If you have specific concerns or questions, please call Mary Lynch, 360-540-7777. Application Packets may be downloaded from this website or picked up in the Athletic/Activities Office during the respective enrollment periods.

    We Recommend that Students Pre-Apply ON LINE... OR...Go to the DOL to begin the Permit Process

    Students having a WASHINGTON ID already have their 12 digit/ number PIC# on their ID card...no need to pre-apply.  Just write the PIC# clearly on the TSE application form. 

    Students must pre-apply online, anytime, to start the process of getting their instructional permit, at http://www.dol.wa.gov.  This pre-application is a short, 4-step process.  Here, you will receive your PIC # (same as your permit/license #).  It is suggested that you make two (2) copies of this PIC # page.  One copy will be for you.  The second copy of this DOL page with your PIC # needs to be attached to the TSE application form at the time of enrollment.   If a student already has a PIC #, please write it very clearly on the front of the application form.
    Those students/families who do not have access to a computer, or would like additional help in getting the PIC # are advised to go to the Mt. Vernon DOL for assistance.  Keep in mind that students can only get their permit if it is within 10 days BEFORE THROUGH 10 days AFTER the student's Parent Night date They can apply and get the PIC # at any time...but they cannot walk away with the permit unless it is within the correct time frame.  Students not gaining the permit during that 20-day time frame will be dropped from the class.
    Once the application form, the PIC # proof sheet, and the total $425  has been turned in to the Athletic/ Activities Office, Lisa Drye will enter the PIC #  into the DOL portal/ internet site.  This is part of the "E-Waiver" process, whereby a student will gain the permit without having to take the written test. Then, when it is 10 days or less from our respective Parent Night, you are to go to the DOL, WITH YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE and all pertinent legal identifications. If parent(s)/guardian(s) have a different last name than the student's last name, legal documents following the name changes must be supplied to the DOL.
    Once you visit the DOL, within 10 days or less of the Parent Night, and pay $25 to the DOL, and supply all appropriate ID information including your Birth Certificate; and pass the eye test, the DOL will issue the paper permit.  The hard copy will be sent to you in the mail in 7-10 days. 
    Again...worth noting....There is a 20 day window to secure the Instruction Permit. Students must have applied for and received their learner's permit from 10 days BEFORE the Parent Night Meeting date to 10 days AFTER the Parent Night Meeting date
    That is state law. Any student not attaining their permit by the tenth day of class will be dropped from the TSE program.

    In addition to B-EHS students, our TSE program enrolls qualified students from the high schools of Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon Christian, Concrete, as well as Skagit Adventist Academy and Home Schooled Students.  Please call or text Mary Lynch, 360.540.7777 if you have questions/ concerns.

    Posted Dec 20, 2014, 1:42 PM by Arnie Robinette
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