Online Tools

On this page you will find several links to useful sites and/or programs that will aid you in your education.
  • Click on SCHOLARSHIPS to see an updated list of MANY different scholarships that you can apply for.  Just click on "Scholarship List" once you get onto that page.

  • Want to get a package of office applications for free?  Click on OpenOffice now!  These applications are extraordinarily similar to Microsoft Office, but you do not have to pay anything to use them!  Also, you can alternate between Microsoft's file formats and these with limited difficulties.


  • Click on Khan Academy to visit a great tutorial site with videos that give you mini lessons on various subjects ranging from History to Mathematics and most subjects in between.

  • Click on WatchKnowLearn to visit a site similar to Khan Academy in which you can watch short videos and learn about a wide range of topics.

  • Click on MATH IS FUN to connect to a site with several helpful math links.

  • Click on EXPONENT LAWS to see a breakdown of how to solve math problems involving exponents.  If you want to see some tips on how to know if a number is divisible by another number, click on DIVISION TIPS.

  • Want to learn how to type faster for free?  Click on FREE ONLINE TYPING HELP to connect to a site with several helpful links that will help you build your typing skills.

  • Click on Math Worksheets to visit a site in which you can create your own Algebra worksheets so that you can practice.

  • Click on Graph Paper for a site that allows you to print your own graph paper.  A setting I have found useful for printing an appropriate, handy size follows: (Cartesian Graph Paper), (Letter - 8.5" x 11"), (Inches), (1/4" Cartesian Graph Paper).  Those settings seem to be useful for most applications.

  • Click on E4FC to go to a site dedicated to helping undocumented students on their path to college.


  • Click on OSPI (Migrant and Bilingual Education) to see information on the state of Washington's Migrant and Bilingual Program from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • Click on SEMY to access the website of Secondary Education for Migrant Youth.  They run all of the wonderful conferences and workshops that we get to attend throughout the year.
  • Need a good online English-Spanish Dictionary?  I have searched the internet far and wide and the best online dictionary I have ever seen is WordReference.  You may find it to be extremely useful.
  • Want to learn some basic phrases in other languages?  Click on Transparent Language to experience some languages from around the world!
  • Click on GED if you want to see what the GED Exam might look like.  This site contains practice questions in English and Spanish.  By the way, depending on who you ask, GED stands for General Equivalency Diploma, General Educational Development, General Education Diploma, or Git 'Er Done.  :-)
  • Click on CONEVyT to access free online tutorials in Spanish covering various topics of academics from elementary through high school levels.  This could be extremely useful for your parents.
  • Click on B-EHS Library Catalogue to access the Catalogue for the Burlington-Edison High School Library.  On this catalogue you have the ability to look up titles of books and their authors and even check if they are checked in or out.  By the way, you can only access this link if you are using a computer on the high school campus.
  • Click on Edudaris to access a website that gives you the ability to network with other students on the path to college.