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Access: Google Read&Write STEM (4 clock hours)
This class shares details about the Google Read&Write extension. Learn how the extension can support your students and improve access to content and open up new possibilities for students to demonstrate their learning. 
Class code: 7cjnad5

Communication: Google Email and Calendar STEM (4.5 clock hours)
Learn the basics of gmail and the Google calendar by participating in activities and viewing various videos.
Class code: 7tndykz

Collaboration: Working with Google Drive STEM (5 clock hours)
This class share details on how to use Google Drive to support students and your work.
Class code: 0bnouad

Investigation: Hooking Students and Sharing Content with YouTube STEM (5 clock hours)
Learn all about YouTube and how it can be used to grab student interest and share content.
Class code: v7ml5or

Collaboration: Using Google Classroom STEM (5 clock hours)
This course shares how to setup your own Google Classroom learning experience to support your students in communication and collaboration.
Class code: i1z41i7

Grading and Reporting: Skyward Gradebook (4 clock hours)
This course shares how use the Skyward Gradebook tools for grading and reporting.  Section include: Daily Management and Information, Grading and Reporting, and Communication. Check out this course for support as well as tips and tricks using Skyward.
Class code: 7hhwu9u

B-ESD Differentiation Challenge  (up to 12 clock hours)
This course shares 12 lessons in differentiation and how to personalize learning for students.
Class code: 7e91a69

B-ESD Migrant Program (10 clock hours)
Learn about the history of the migrant program and how to meet student needs.
Class code: zmnrx96

More classes are under construction.
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