• Delivering my Talk at State of the Map (SotM), Girona, Spain, July, 2010:

  • Delivering my Talk, "More than Words", at State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, April, 2010:

  • Delivering my Talk at Workshop on Algorithms and Computing (WALCOM) Dhaka, February, 2010:

  • Delivering my talk on Young Scientists' Congress, Dhaka, December, 2009:

  • Delivering my Talks at Japan Conference on Computational Geometry and Graphs (JCCGG), Kanazawa, Japan, November, 2009:

  • Delivering my Talk at International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), Khulna, December, 2008:

  • With Erik Demaine of MIT at the conference banquette of JCCGG 1009, Japan:

  • With Janos Pach at the conference banquette of JCCGG 1009, Japan:

  • Helping Japanese children to solve Geometric puzzles at Japan:

  • Delivering Speech at the Career and Research Talk Show, CSE Festival, BUET, 2008:

  • With a group of under privileged children at a rural School of Bangladesh:

  • Taking data in our pilot program at Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF) Dhaka, January 2010:

  • Me, with two of my group members, making the GPS trace inside BUET, January, 2011:

  • With my team after winning the prizes at ACM Inter collegiate Programming Contest, Asia Regional, Dhaka Site, 2007:

  • With the "Award of Merit" at Notre Dame College, 2003: