The Planets in Order, Orbit Action!

  The planets in order, orbit action is not going to be about some mobile, with planets hanging on it. This is about the planets in the order and the orbit of them. First is Mercury, the hottest planet right next to the sun. Second is Venus, the cloudy planet, cloudy but blue! Third is Earth, the planet your living on right now! Fourth is Mars, the windy windy red planet. Fifth is Jupiter, the biggest planet in our Solar System. Sixth is SATURN! The ringed planet, the 62 moon planet. Seventh is Uranus, the blue and crooked ringed planet. Eighth is Neptune, the planet named off of the god of the sea. Last but not least is Pluto, the coldest, tinyest planet in the Universe. The planets form a swirl when they orbit the sun. Sun in the middle, no planets move out of orbit. Except, Pluto who takes year but gets to it, orbits Neptune.
                                        The planets in order, Orbit action.
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