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How to build a pasta bridge

This is the Pasta Bridge that Munn built!

-Paper for blueprint (11 x 17 inches)
-1/2 box linguine (or spaghetti)
-10-12 glue sticks (4 inch mini's)
-Mini-hot glue (low-temp)
-Block (5 x 5 x 2 cm)
-Eye-hook (with nut and washer)


STEP 1: Research Bridge Truss designs.   Link to for Bridge Resources (WD-STEM Bridge Site)

STEP 2: Blueprint.   Draw an exact drawing of the SIDE-VIEW of your truss.

<<Must "span" 35 cm. (The opening is 35 cm). 

*This is an adaptation of the Whipple Truss.
*I added extra diagonal supports to the center (around  
  where the block will be.)
**In my next design, I'll have the diagonals meet exactly in the center, rather than off-center.

STEP 3: Glue two strands of pasta together the length of the truss along the bottom.


STEP 4: Glue the outside frame and verticals.

STEP 5: GLUE the diagonals.  **You can measure them before glueing, OR
as illustrated, glue then cut off the extra...carefully!

STEP 6: Do it again! Make a second truss for the other side.

STEP 7: BLUEPRINT #2: The bottom frame (a.k.a. "the frame for the roadbed/deck)

<<Notice the cross bars of the bottom frame line up with the vertical braces on the truss. 

STEP 8: GLUE the frame for the bottom. 

STEP 9: Glue the roadbed/deck onto the bottom frame.

<<Hole in the middle for the eye-hook!
<<Full length spaghetti that crosses next to each other in the middle section (where the block will be!). 

STEP 10: Glue bottom frame to one truss.   (It's easier to glue together with the truss on its side.) 

STEP 11: Glue the other truss on the other side of the bottom frame.   
                  **Make sure the sides are straight up!  

STEP 12:   Measure how wide the bottom of the bridge is.    Break pieces this size to connect the trusses.
Then glue the trusses together with the pieces.

<<Top view.  Glued across and diagonally.

STEP 13: Add the block (5x5x2 cm) and eye-hook.  Hang over 2 tables with a 35 cm span.

STEP 14: TEST!  Put a sheet or tarp under your bridge.  
*Attach a large cup or bucket to the eye-hook.
*Slowly add measured weight until it breaks! (or almost breaks...)