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NAME: Chris Luzio

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About Me
Disclaimer: This is not Mr. Luzio.
     I am currently teaching chemistry at Glenwood High School.  When I am not in the classroom, I am usually found spending "quality" time with my family watching YouTube or Disney+ or playing Mario Party.  My beautiful wife and I have two children, Caleb (10 in March) & Eden (4).  We have a dog, Toby... he's big, loveable, but somewhat dim-witted... which makes life interesting because we also have a kitten, Poe.
 Hour     Course Location
1stHonors ChemistryGoogle Meet
2ndHonors ChemistryGoogle Meet
3rdTutoringGoogle Meet

4thChemistryGoogle Meet
6thHonors ChemistryGoogle Meet
7thAP ChemistryGoogle Meet
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