Mr. Luzio's Classroom

Contact Information:

NAME: Chris Luzio

EMAIL: c l u z i o @ b c s d 5 . o r g

COACH: Academic Challenge Team

VIDEO: Meet the Teacher 2020
Disclaimer: This video was made for my students several years ago, but most of it is still relevant.

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2023-2024 Schedule

2nd Hour - Chemistry - Rm 246

3rd Hour - Chemistry - Rm 246

5th Hour - Honors Chemistry - Rm 246

7th Hour - Chemistry - Rm 246

8th Hour - AP Chemistry - Rm 246

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About Me:

     I am currently teaching chemistry at Glenwood High School.  When I am not in the classroom, I am usually found spending "quality" time with my family (watching YouTube or Disney+ or playing video games).  My beautiful wife and I have two children, Caleb (7th grade) & Eden (1st grade).  We have a cat, Poe, who is very strange and likes to eat garbage and lay down in the kitchen sink.  The other cat, Han, is extremely outgoing, especially if you have food.