BES Special Education

Special Education Services

Ball Elementary provides Special Education services to children in the preschool program through the fourth grade.  The students receive services specific to goals on their individual educational plan. Listed below are questions parents may have about Special Education:


What is Special Education? 

Special Education is additional educational and support services provided to a child who has a disability that impacts his or her learning.  Special Education services are provided at no expense to the parents.


Who's eligible for Special Education? 

Any student beginning at age of three is eligible for Special Education services if he or she meets eligibility requirements and there is adverse effect on his or her educational performance.  Parents who are receiving support services for their child before the age of three should contact the school before their child's third birthday so appropriate services may begin when he or she turns three years old.

Why would I think Special Education services may help my child?

When teachers and parents have worked together to help a child gain success in his or her school work, yet the child is still struggling to learn the appropriately challenging material, a child may have a disability that prevents him or her from being successful.


Who requests Special Education services?

Parents may request that the school start the process of determining if their child would be eligible for Special Education services.  Teachers or administrators may also request these services, but they will begin with the permission of the parents.


What happens if I give consent for my child to be evaluated to determine Special Education needs?

With written consent, your child will be evaluated by a Special Education teacher to determine achievement level.  The school psychologist will evaluate your child to determine strengths and weaknesses in various areas of learning.  A speech therapist may test your child for speech and language deficits.  In addition, the school social worker will meet with you to discuss your child's health and life history and will answer any questions.

How long does all this take?

The process can take up to 60 school days once permission has been received from the parents.


Who decides if my child is eligible for Special Education?

When all information is gathered, everyone, including parents and teachers, will meet to hear and discuss the results of the evaluations, make decisions, and set goals.  This team meeting is called the IEP Eligibility Conference and parents are equal members of this team.  The team, using eligibility guidelines and input from assessments, will determine if your child is eligible for Special Education services.


What if my child is eligible for Special Education?

If the IEP team agrees that your child would benefit from Special Education services, the team will write an individual education plan (IEP) for your child at the Eligibility Conference.  The IEP contains goals for learning that reflect the area(s) of need as determined in the IEP Conference.  These goals were discussed with everyone attending the conference.  Your child will begin to receive his or her services within 10 days of the IEP meeting.


What if my child does not qualify for Special Education?

At the IEP Conference, there will be discussions on how you and school personnel can work together to help your child be successful in school.


How will I know if Special Education is helping my child?

The Special Education teacher will report your child's progress toward his or her goals in a quarterly report.  Additionally, you, the teachers, and administrators will meet for an annual review of your child's progress.  Every three years, your child may be reevaluated.  Parents, teachers, administrators, a psychologist, and a social worker will meet to discuss the results of the evaluations to determine further eligibility and write the appropriate goals for learning.

If my child qualifies for Special Education services, will he or she still be part of a regular education classroom?

Each student is assigned to classes based on their special needs.  The system for delivery of services is determined at the IEP Conference.  Services will be delivered in the least restrictive environment for your child ranging from services provided in the classroom to services provided in a Special Education room for some or all of your child's day.


Anything else I should know?

You and your child have extensive rights in the entire Special Education process.  You will receive a copy of your rights with the initial request for evaluation.  Take time to become familiar with your rights and responsibilities.  If you would like additional information regarding your rights and responsibilities, and the process, contact your school administrator.