Student-created virtual reality (VR)

    Welcome to the James Curran Middle School Virtual Reality Museum. Here you will find student-created models covering primarily 6th grade California world history standards. In order to view the VR experience, you will need to view this site from a smartphone and use a Google Cardboard VR viewer. All of the models are available below following the video.

    Special thanks to Mrs. Debra Dillard who was instrumental in administering, facilitating, and funding the project. 

Watch the video below for a brief summary of the James Curran Virtual Museum! 

How to View the Virtual Museum!
In order to view the models below in virtual reality you will need to:
1.  Access the scene from a smartphone. 
2.  Click on the scene and when it loads select the virtual reality logo on the bottom right.
3.  Place your phone in the Google Cardboard headset.
4.  Enjoy!