Who and what is Skyward?

Skyward is an effective, well-designed integrated systems application critical for Bay City Public School District.  Skyward has ensured us that the BCPS district staff members will have the information and resources needed to sustain and carry out their educational goals. We are confident that Skyward’s integrated Student Management Suite will address these goals. All proposed modules include integrated reporting capabilities to minimize the need to perform additional data entry.

Some of the reasons Skyward was chosen by are:

·         A single, centralized database that eliminates redundant data entry and upload/download processes.

·         All student information is quickly accessible, through the web, including demographics, scheduling,  grading, discipline, attendance, and test scores.

·         A robust scheduling system designed for both elementary and secondary scheduling.

·         Customized report cards, letters and forms that can be printed for each family/guardian.

·         Mandatory state reporting that is built right into our software, with continuous positive feedback from various departments of education regarding this feature. 

·         Ability to generate automated email notifications.

·         Integrated reporting through Microsoft® Word, Excel and Open Office.

·         Unlimited creation of user-defined fields to customize for specific district needs.

·         Robust add-on options to handle all your district’s needs, such as Special Education forms, Food

·         Service point of sale (POS), and more.

Skyward has a very active and loyal user base - Skyward has reported a customer retention rate of 98%. They have a large programming and technical staff (180+) who works with BCPS technology team to assure functionality, performance and flexible reporting options. Since 1980, Skyward’s only business has been supporting K-12 school districts.

Skyward’s Student Management Suite products, offer integrated functionality in the following areas:


·         All State Reporting

·         Academic Eligibility

·         Advisor Access

·         Attendance

·         Automatic Email Notification System

·         Auto Dialing Interface

·         Bus Scheduling Interface

·         Census/Demographics

·         Data Mining

·         Discipline

·         Educator Access + 

·         Extra Curricular Activities 


·         Family and Student Access

·         Gifted and Talented

·         Grading and Transcripts 

·         Health Records

·         Open Enrollment Tracking

·         Report Cards

·         Scheduling 

·         Skyport

·         Student Activities

·         Transportation Reports

·         Vivid Image Plus

·         Food Service