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2018-19 Join Band

This page is for students (and parents) who will be in 6th-grade for 2018-2019:

Our spring band sign-up events have concluded, but you can still join us for summer band, which begins Friday, June 1 at Columbus East High School.  Paige's Music will deliver late rentals to CEHS -order your instrument and starter pack online at www.paigesmusic.com by using the dropdown menu to select your school.

On this website, under the "2018 Summer Band" menu, select "6th-Grade Info" and this will give you information about the time your class meets (based on the instrument you selected).  Next, be sure to register for your class -you'll receive an email confirmation after registering.

Here is some helpful information about renting or purchasing an instrument:

Rent-to-own:  Most parents rent-to-own through Paige’s Music, who will be at our sign-up.  You make a one-time purchase of a  “starter pack" (music book & accessories) for $39.95 and begin a rental.  The rental cost for flute, clarinet, trumpet, or trombone is $32 per month, and percussion is $25 per month –if the instrument is damaged or lost or stolen it is repaired or replaced free… this is the greatest advantage to renting!  Your instrument is delivered June 1 to the Academy and you have 6 weeks to try the instrument before your first rental payment is due.  If you wish to cancel for any reason, simply return the instrument before July 15 and absolutely no rental or return fees are due!

Already owned or purchasing:  If you already own an instrument, bring it to the sign-up so that we can make sure it is ready for use.  If you are considering buying an instrument, ask our advice first!  Beware of internet specials offering new “instruments” for ridiculously low prices, for example $100.  These are toys; they are hard to play; they will break and no local shops will repair them!  We have a list of quality instrument brands that we know will provide you with a successful band experience.