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8th-Grade Info

This page is for current 7th-graders who will have completed 7th-grade band.

Session 4:  11:00 to 11:50 AM
8th-grade band (meets as a full band each day)
*Parents, all students must be picked up by 12:10 PM.

This Year's Theme:

Superhero Talent Search:  Columbus!

Required Materials:

Be sure to bring your instrument and all accessories (like valve oil, extra reeds, etc.), summer band music (passed out at the end of your 7th-grade year by your director), and a pencil with eraser.

Percussionists, do not bring in your percussion kit, but only your snare drum sticks, music, and pencil.

Repertoire to be Selected From:
(click on a title below to hear each piece)

Concert at CEHS June 21, 10:30 AM:

*Special Note:  We will be dressing up IN COSTUME for this concert!  You must be able to play your instrument in your costume.  You can choose a well-known superhero or you can make up your own costume and invent your own super powers!

Helpful Online Practice Tools:

Use this free online tuner to help improve your intonation and pitch accuracy.

Use this free online metronome to help improve your timing, tempo, and rhythmic accuracy.

Woodwinds:  the Woodwind Fingering Guide website will show you all possible fingerings for all possible notes on your instrument, including all the trill fingerings.

Percussionists:  The Vic Firth webpage will show you video examples of proper technique for each rudiment.