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7th-Grade Info

This page is for current 6th-graders who will have completed their first year of band.

Session 3:  10:00 to 10:50 AM
7th-grade band (meets as a full band each day)

Our theme this year:  When Robots Rule the World!  Our music will feature non-traditional playing techniques such as popping bubble wrap, playing on bottles, and even using flashlights!

Required Materials:

Be sure to bring your instrument and all accessories (like valve oil, extra reeds, etc.), summer band music (passed out at the end of your 6th-grade year by your director), and a pencil with eraser.

Percussionists, do not bring in your percussion kit, but only your snare drum sticks, music, and pencil.

Repertoire to be Selected From:
(click on the title below to hear each piece)
Helpful Online Practice Tools:

You can purchase SmartMusic (optional) and receive instant feedback on your playing!

Use this free online tuner to help improve your intonation and pitch accuracy.

Use this free online metronome to help improve your timing, tempo, and rhythmic accuracy.

Woodwinds:  the Woodwind Fingering Guide website will show you all possible fingerings for all possible notes on your instrument, including all the trill fingerings.

Percussionists:  The Vic Firth webpage will show you video examples of proper technique for each rudiment.