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6th-Grade Info

This page is for current 5th-graders who have attended a band sign-up night.

If you rented through Paige's Music, your instrument and starter pack will be waiting for you in your classroom on Friday, June 1 -the first day of Summer Band.  Otherwise, please be sure you have made arrangements to acquire all necessary items (see below).

Summer Band Academy Beginning Class Schedule:
Printer-friendly flyer (this has the information as the sign-up night flyer)

(On the first day, please try to arrive about 10 minutes early so we can help direct you to your classroom.)

Session 1:  8:00* to 8:50 AM
Flute, Clarinet, French horn, Euphonium
   *Earliest drop-off time is 7:40 AM.

Session 2:  9:00 to 9:50 AM
Oboe, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone

Sessions 1 & 2:  8:00 to 9:50 AM  Percussion (bells and snare drum)

Combined Rehearsals:

On Monday, June 17; Tuesday, June 18; Wednesday, June 19, all beginners come from 8 AM to 8:30 AM.  This is when we put all instruments together to get ready for the concert.  These are also spirit days!

Concert at CNHS June 20, 8:30 AM:
Wear your red band t-shirt.
Students arrive at 8:00 AM.

Required Materials:

If you are renting through Paige's Music and you ordered the starter pack, you will have all of the necessary materials described below:

All students need an instrument (with a case), a pencil with eraser, and the method book:  "Essential Elements Interactive Book 1" for their instrument.  In addition, the following items are necessary:

Flute - cleaning cloth, cleaning rod
Oboe -  one medium hard reed, 2 cleaning swabs (upper and lower joint), cork grease
Clarinet - two to four 2.5 strength reeds, reed guard, cleaning swab, cork grease
Saxophone (alto or tenor) - two to four 2.5 strength reeds, reed guard, cleaning swab, cork grease, neckstrap
Trumpet - valve oil and slide grease
French Horn- valve oil and slide grease
Trombone - Super Slick slide treatment for hand slide, tuning slide grease
Euphonium- valve oil and slide grease
Percussion - 1 pair SD1 or 2B drum sticks, 1 pair of bell mallets (instrument must include bells, plus snare or practice pad)