June, 2019

Welcome!  This site will provide you with information about all of the band programs in the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation of Columbus, Indiana.

Summer Band Begins Monday June 3rd:

Summer Band is free, but registration is required.  All instruments and accessories ordered from Paige's Music will be handed out in class by the teachers on Monday, June 3rd.  Paige's can be reached at 1-800-382-1099.  See individual pages on the side menu for each grade level.

Summer Band Daily Attendance:

This year we are scanning in each student's STAR SHEET (above) to take attendance.  It is important for students to bring this every day.  Please use a small piece of tape to anchor it inside the band book so that it does not get lost or damaged (students do remove the STAR SHEET each day and it hangs over the front of the music stand).  Also, parents, be sure to sign the STAR SHEET on the first day -this allows students to begin earning stars for songs they learn.

Play-along Tracks for Summer Band Beginners:

This is a valuable resource that comes with the beginning band book you purchased.  Inside the front cover is a unique code that gives students FREE access to the audio tracks for every song in the book.  Practicing with these tracks is motivating and helps students learn their music faster and more easily.  *For oboes and horns, the tracks are only available for the "full band" section of the book.

Extra Online Help for Summer Band Beginners:

The FREE www.musictheory.net site includes several helpful lessons and exercises that will really help students learn their music faster and more easily:

   First lesson:  How to read the music staff
   Interactive note identification:
Concert on Thursday, June 20:

Our Summer Band Concert will be held on Thursday, June 20 at Columbus North High School.  The concert is free; a $2 per family donation would be appreciated.

6th, 7th, and 8th-grade:
Students arrive at 8:00 AM (call time); concert begins at 8:30 AM.
Concert dress for 6th-grade:  wear your red beginning band t-shirt.
Concert dress for 7th-grade and 8th-grade:  "summer casual" (for example, khaki shorts, polo shirt).
*We will dismiss all students at the end of the concert, approximately 9:45 AM.

2018 Elementary Band

Middle Schools and High Schools:

For up-to-date information during the school year for high school bands, click on East or North for their websites.  For middle school bands, click on Central or Northside.

BCSC Band Directors:

Mr. Stultz, Mr. Burton, Mr. Marks, Mr. Brookshire, Mr. Rodgers

Tim Brookshire: (812) 322-9212
East HS, CSA Fodrea, CSA Lincoln, Richards, Smith, Clifty Creek
Keith Burton: (812) 376-4258
North HS, Southside, Schmitt, and Parkside
BJ Marks: (812) 376-4275
Northside MS, Mount Healthy, Rockcreek
David Rodgers: (812) 376-4353
East HS, Central MS
Bryan Munoz: (812) 376-4258
North HS
Allison Hein: (812) 526-5448 x102