Balance of Freedom & Safety PBAT

Guiding Questions

What rights do the Constitution and the Bill of Rights Guarantee? To Whom?

Under what circumstances can our rights be limited by the government?

Which rights (if any) are expendable in the name of safety?

Constitution and Bill of Rights

The Constitution of the United States

Our Constitutional Rights Are a BFD - Explains Constitutional Issues in easier language

A Clear and Present Danger - When Can the 1st Amendment Be Limited?

How the Supreme Court has Interpreted Right to Exercise Religion

Supreme Court Interpretation of Free Speech

The Fourth Amendment and the Exclusionary Rule

The Sixth Amendment - the Supreme Court Interpretation

Three Branches of Government

3 Branches Handout - Study Guide

Play a Simulation Game: Branches of Power

Truman Library: 3 Branches

Brainpop: Branches of Government

Ben's Guide to the US Government

The Patriot Act

The Patriot Act Explained from PBS: FlashPoint

The ACLU Overview of the Patriot Act - Excellent

Summary Chart of how Patriot Act Alters Constitutional Rights

Jim Cornehls, Law Professor, Explains How Patriot Act Violates Rights

Pro and Con Debate: Has the Patriot Act Benefitted the U.S.?

Problems with the Patriot Act - by former Senator Robert Barr

ACLU: Myths & Realities of the Patriot Act

Bush Administration: Statements supporting The Patriot Act

Frontline: Spying on the Home Front

NPR: Patriot Act Pro and Con

BloggingHead Video: Debate-Is the search for terrorists violating first amendment?

Hijacking Democracy to Spy on Americans by Shahid Buttar

The Patriot Act Protects Americans from Terrorism - Pro Patriot Act

Former FBI Agents warns of U.S. Spying Abuse

Civil Liberties in Wartime - Pros and Cons

Discussion of Roving Wiretaps - Pros and Cons

Slate Magazine: How the FBI is Chasing Greenpeace, PETA, and anti-war activists

Restoring the 4th Amendment by Shahid Buttar

Renewing the Patriot Act While America Sleeps

Frontline Interview with Mike German

Racial Profiling in the Age of Terrorism

Preventative Detention -- At What Cost?  (Sixth Amendment Issues)

NYPD Caught Spying on Muslims in 2011

National Coalition to Protect Civil Liberties: A Decade of the Patriot Act

National Security Letters - How they Violate Amendments 1 and 4

Why Roving Wiretaps are Necessary to Fight Terrorism

The Japanese Internment Camps

Multimedia Story of the Japanese Internment experience

Supreme Court Cases related to immigrants, including Japanese Interment

New Articles during the Evacuation of all Japanese from San Francisco

The Story in Photos