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My City

posted Feb 7, 2012, 12:12 PM by Tyler Gates
My favorite places to go in the city are 
I'm not real sure, I don't go around much, mostly hangout in Brooklyn, sometimes go to Manhattan if I wanna do something different. 

What makes New York special is 
Not real sure, I guess it's a big tourist attraction, has everything you need in a city. Generally it's safe to walk around in, if you're in the right neighborhood. 

One way I’d like to get more involved in activities around the city is 
I don't really want to get more involved in anything. 

The part of my neighborhood I’d like most to change is 
I like my neighborhood just the way it is, I don't think I'd change anything about it. 

The part of my city I’d like most to change is 
Really the only thing I'd change are the prices, things are generally more expensive here. 

This is the way I could change it 
I can't really change the prices of things in the city.