One of the biggest part of my Life is SOFTBALL. Its my life, I remember once awhile ago i was hype, my pitching Coach was there and the game was going smooth, i was pitching a whole game without the other pitcher (Niaa) coming in backing it up for me when i get tired or whatever, i was getting worried my arm was going bad, i had striked 8 girls out so far but then one girl caught me she was soooo TALL they counted my strikes as balls -_- ; then another girl comes and she so short my arm wasnt use to just changing i was get mad because im always so confident about my playing, then i hear a call out "Lillian, hit them with a 2" Jose my pitching coach calls a 2 when it talks about Knuckle balls, i've been working on it for awhile but i never actually tried with a game because if not done right things you'll be embrassed. So im like no, but my Actual coach Tony comes and says, "YOU CAN DO IT" so i try, because i know Tony wouldnt say anything to me knowing i cant. So like Jose says, i hit them with a 2, i was so happy! that girl just watched the ball go right by like she never see anything like it, i put so much speed into it, i was amazed in myself..... from that day on i NEVER said i couldn't do something, cause i can, if im saying i cant its only because i dont want to -.- Softball means alot to me, its where i can express myself, be myself, my team-mates are like family <3

From ME to WE.

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Here are some links to friends’ blogs

What I’d like to know about other kinds of people
i dont really know, maybe like what kind of things to you guys like to do, What kind of games do you guys like to play, whats your favorite food, what do you do daily.

What I’m doing to learn about other kinds of people
this blog, we are bloggers, so you will be interested in us so you can give us responces.

Rights everyone should have
To be free to speak what you please, wear what you would like, do things you would like to.. as long as your not harming anyone else.

I think people forget about other people’s rights because
they want to do things themself, people are so selffish, so like.. if its not their way, its no way, and people just so into themself now a days, judging and speaking when really like keep your opinion to yourself, if you have nothing to say but hate, then stop speaking, stop hating, and stop trying to make yourself seem more important then others.


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My favorite places to go in the city are: i dont really know actually, i like going everywhere! Brooklyn is such a interesting place but everything seems like its so dangerous now that it should be scary to go anywhere like without someone there with you.

What makes New York special is: the fac that you can get anywhere walking or a simple train ride that everyone seems so similar yet we all so differemt, new york is a crazy ass place!

One way I’d like to get more involved in activities around the city is: well i dont know, i actually will like to do work like with people who are homeless, because its kind but im a pretty busy person, my mom is always putting me in things to do, sotball, modling, dance, she always has me doing something

The part of my neighborhood I’d like most to change is
nothing, probably the stores get them more up to date, but, i like my neighborhood its really like Brooklyn style.. but Sunset is pretty cool... sometimes..

The part of my city I’d like most to change is
nothing..... maybe that its so dirtyyyyyyyy

This is the way I could change it
just make it clean, pick up stuff.

The Me I Know

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Things i like to do:
i like just hang out and have a good time, i love dancing and playing softball, i love to laugh and just have a good time, i love being around people who know how to have fun, No uptight people. i like to Model, and i love smiling, my favorite class in school in Math, i like doing Math because its alot of thinking. I like too Sleep because it is relaxing, and clears the mind from stress, i like to Notice things alot and learn new things because it just makes me feel smarter about myself. i think that im very Exciting people but not until i get to know you, im very aware of letting untrust-able people get to know me. i like being happy

Some things I’d like to learn how to do:
i would like to learn how to play the piano, im also a feen to learn how to play basketball, i have a cousin who might be able to go pro, he's really good. He been to try out and he went out of the country with them and he's gonna come too visit my family and i during the summer and he is going to teach me.

Some of my responsibilities:
my responsibilities are to watch after my younger family members like My little sister Katherine, also there is Austin.. and i always have to be ontop of the things that they are doing, i always have to be sure that they arent slacking, cleaning up, not doing anything wrong, being aware of where they are and what they are doing all the time. i have to make sure my own room is clean, that im doing good in school so my mom will be happy, And also my Dad too.

My dream job is:
My dream job is to become a Model, i love taking pictures, smiling, im very photogenic, And i just would love to be a Model. it's like a Dream, um... i always looking at pictures of models, run way models everything, i think that the way i act i can become a Great model.. American Next Top Model :D !

My favorites actors/singers/athletes/musicians are:
i like Derek Jeter, AROD, Dwayne, Lebron. They amazing athletes. Especially my boo boo AROD lmao. i like J-Jon thats my son, i like alot of people, all kind of Music and singers. MY FAVORITE THOUGH IS JAY-Z OMG <3.<3

One thing that really bothers me is:
Liars really bother me, people who act a certain way to get attention bother me, i ABS hate when i get yelled at i dont like at all when people yell at me like all in my face, i really hate it.. so much,i rather be pulled out aside, i do not like when people treat me like im a child also.. i think im really mature for my age.


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A description of my family:
my family, my mother is Ghetto, light skin, funny, and very head strong.. she kind of leads the family, she makes all the rules and does everything... My father is more laidback, He's dark... um,he is really rude but only when you get him mad, my dad is calm, he likes to spend most of his time sleeping, Then their Katherine.. my little sister she is slow, she like scared of the world, she's young (12),she doesnt like saying no to people, but she is very funny, and beautiful.. then their is Austin, he knows me more than i know myself. He is very conceited, THE funniest person i've ever met, he knows everything that goes on in my life, he very smart kid with an bad attitude and doesnt like to be told what to do, he very stubborn yet bold.. ; then their my Grandmother and the rest, My family basically we all act the same, We all are very Funny, Confident, Headstrong, Wise people :).

Some traditions and values that my family has are: we dont.. the only rule that really in my family is do good in school. pass class 80 or up or else your not working hard enough, work hard or you'll be a BUM..

My favorite foods that my family eats are: um, we eat alott of spanish foods... like plantano or rice, chicken, salami, dominican cheese... we eat alot of different types of food though, MY WHOLE Family loves to eat STEAK but it gets me annoyed, i dont think it taste that good, My family loves to eat -_- ALL OF US. <3

A description of the street where I live:
their are alot of windows but only 4 buildings, there is a store across the street my buidling, and its just regular.

What I like best about my neighborhood is: you can walk EVERYWHERE, its easy...

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