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My Broskie's And Sistah's

posted Nov 29, 2011, 12:28 PM by Brandon Deallie
My Eldest Brother Is 18 and He Is In College and Has A Job. I Look Up To Him Because He Introduced Me Into D-jaying And VideoGames.
My Older Sister Who Is Turning 17 On The Same Day As My Birthday is Very Smart An Straight A Student In A Sort Of Way.I Want To Be Like Her.
My Other Sister Who Is 16 Is An Straight A In A Sort Of Way. Also Who Is An Dancer.
My Brother Who is 11 Is A Pain In The Ass . We Argue And Fight But It Is All Love .
My Youngest Brother Is 2 Turning 3 The Day After My Birthday (December 19). He Is Smart , He Knows Right From Wrong.
I Will Kill For My Brothers And Sisters.