Welcome to the Byron Center Orchestras program. The changes in this program over the past few years have been remarkable. Not only has the program grown drastically in numbers but we are also growing in acclaim and esteem. We hope you will find this program to be truly exciting and rewarding.

The Byron Center Orchestra (BCO) program is committed to the understanding that music is an essential part of our students’ development and that their quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth experiences through meaningful, sequential study in music. It is our aim to be an orchestra program of excellence that enables young people to meet their fullest potential educationally, musically, and socially while enriching their lives and positively influencing the community. Via the joy and value of music, students will  become lifelong music appreciators/music makers as well as people of character and integrity.

The Byron Center Orchestra program consists of four components: High School Orchestra, Middle School Orchestras (7th and 8th grade), Beginning Orchestra, and Small Ensembles (which include both classical and "alternative" string styles).

Thank you for all your support. We have an exciting year ahead of us with many opportunities to not only grow, but also have fun making music together. Here’s to another great year!

This site is dedicated to the talented students of the Byron Center Orchestras, their families and our alumni.

Ms. Langford